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Once again and after a good moment of abstinence we find ourselves with Nebo Apps in a new game, classified in the category of literary games this game presents in each puzzle ten words to guess by completing the missing letters in each word Also know that this game includes no less than sixteen levels, each of which includes ten puzzles.

All the searched words will refer to a photo presented with the puzzle indicating a special theme and to facilitate your task the developer has given you a hand by the existence of a few letters beforehand.

To give you just a little idea, know that this game understands no less than a thousand words so do not forget the trick of pressing the photo presented to be able to enlarge it which will facilitate the task of searching for the words composing the puzzles.

Fabulous Words Cheats

Fabulous words cheats

We will come through the following to assist you in case you find any difficulties obviously so that you can advance quickly in the game.

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