Figgerits Solutions

Figgerits Solutions Word Puzzle Game

Welcome, if you are looking for all the answers of the new brain puzzle this topic named “Figgerits Solutions Word Puzzle Game” is the object of your research.
Developped by Unico Studio this game is a good entertainment for those who like numbers and words too .

Figgerits Solutions

Figgerits Solutions Word Puzzle Game

Let’s see how can you solve the phrase for each level :

A FIGGERIT is a puzzle that, when completed, will reveal a quote written onto the SOLUTION dashes.
Fill in as many words in the WORDS column as you can, using the definition. Tap the first word.
DEFINITION can be a missing part of phrase, a question, a description, or a synonym.

Enter the answer 1.
Silved letters will transfer to the SOLUTION dashes accoroding to matching numbers.

Enter the answer 2.
Each letter is encrypted with a UNIQUE digit, so that you will could guess the words easier.

enter the answer 3.
It is not necessary to know all the DEFINITIONS, just use any possible clues to guess the Solution.

Good luck for your brain puzzle game and you can find your help in the following solutions

GoDa Game Staff 🙂

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