A new Chapter, A new Quest, A new expedition is about to be defused right now. We never let our visitors down, always meeting their expectations. There is nothing more satisfying for our team than solving answers and providing them to our lovely visitors. Even if the game’s developers make an update, we will be the first to solve their so-called “new updated difficult levels”. As far as level 109 is concerned, these are the answers that you need to finish : Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 109. Just stop your grumbling and pick up your pieces because our team is dedicated to satisfying you defeatist ego (of course we are just bantering don’t get it too personal, would you?).
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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 109 Answers

Normal : Version 1 :

  • Writes “aslo” instead of “also” : MISSPELLS
  • What is this US college? : DARTMOUTH
  • Per legend, repeating her name to a mirror will have spooky results : BLOODYMARY
  • The number above the line in a fraction : NUMERATOR
  • Meat can be soaked in this before cooking to impart flavor to it : MARINADE
  • Airport building where passengers check in : TERMINAL
  • KFC stands for “________ Fried Chicken” : KENTUCKY

Version 2

  • What kind of shop is associated with the following? : BAKERY
  • Roast food inside this appliance : OVEN
  • Collection of food items : INGREDIENTS
  • To blend beforehand : PREMIX
  • To separate with a sieve : SIFT
  • Jockey uses this to make a horse go faster : WHIP
  • Staple food item made from dough or flour : BREAD
  • Sweets found at birthday parties and weddings : CAKES
Crossword :

  • Nebraska’s largest city : OMAHA
  • Jack Kerouac’s “__ ___ Road” (2 words) : ONTHE
  • Taj ___ (famous attraction in India) : MAHAL
  • States a fact, as during a trial : AVERS
  • Careless speed : HASTE
  • Bitter ___ (type of brew) : ALE
  • Maritime-related : NAVAL
  • Who are all _____ people? : THESE
  • Comedian and actor Kevin ____ who starred in “Jumanji” and “Ride Along” : HART
  • If all ____ fails… : ELSE

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