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Word Craze Cross Puzzle All Game Answers

Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 112 Answers

Normal : Version 1 :

  • To increase in body mass and love handles : GAINWEIGHT
  • Burial ground full of tombstones : GRAVEYARD
  • What is this dairy product? : BLUECHEESE
  • Colorful and rocky ocean structures created by small animals : CORALREEF
  • A method used to make a decision, short one loses : DRAWSTRAWS
  • 1986 movie starring Christopher Lambert where “there can be only one” : HIGHLANDER
  • What is this type of quick look over? : EYEBALLING
  • Thinnest; most slender : SKINNIEST
  • Large species of shark popularized as a man-killer by the movie “Jaws” : GREATWHITE

Version 2

  • Something that literally cannot be done is this : IMPOSSIBLE
  • What brand of soft drink is this? : DRPEPPER
  • Professional who helps people deal with emotional problems by talking with them : THERAPIST
  • To become stronger and fitter, for example, by working out : GETINSHAPE
  • Fairy tale villain who huffs and puffs : BIGBADWOLF
  • What is this phrase for a group of experts? : THINKTANK
  • This gets passed around on karaoke night : MICROPHONE
  • Obsolete data storage; the “save” icon is modeled after this : FLOPPYDISK
  • This writer is well known for his work “Game __ ______” : OFTHRONES
  • A great joke can leave you like this : INSTITCHES
  • Describes twins that look exactly the same : IDENTICAL
  • Severe headaches, often recurring and accompanied by nausea : MIGRAINES
Crossword :

  • October birthstone : OPAL
  • Mouth _____ (free reed aerophone) : ORGAN
  • Looney Tunes pig : PORKY
  • To no _____ (no use) : AVAIL
  • One thing ___ __ another (2 words) : LEDTO
  • Wandered aimlessly : ROVED
  • College faculty head : DEAN
  • The “G” in GPA : GRADE
  • What is this Japanese dog breed? : AKITA
  • Synthetic fabric that rhymes with “pylon” : NYLON

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