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Word Craze Cross Puzzle All Game Answers

Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 114 Answers

Normal : Version 1 :

  • He says “I do” at a wedding : GROOM
  • Disney deer who endured great tragedy before reaching his happy ending : BAMBI
  • Classic third option for voters : ABSTAIN
  • Technical name for the belly or stomach area : ABDOMEN
  • The Big ______ is a constellation in the shape of a bowl with a handle : DIPPER
  • Branch of philosophy that seeks to resolve questions of morality : ETHICS
  • Severe allergy sufferers should keep one around : EPIPEN
  • ______ Hoffman won two Oscars for “Rain Man” and “Kramer vs. Kramer” : DUSTIN
  • What is this chilly domicile? : IGLOO
  • What meaty sauce goes well with this? : GRAVY
  • A spirit in Irish mythology known for its piercing wails : BANSHEE
  • Metaphorically, behaviors that indicate a future problem : REDFLAG

Version 2

  • Art of pretending to be someone else : ACTING
  • The largest mammals on planet Earth : WHALES
  • Thelma & ______ is a 1991 crime adventure by Ridley Scott : LOUISE
  • A type of metal pot used to boil water : KETTLE
  • These attachments help straighten your teeth : BRACES
  • Baby’s way of conveying hunger, boredom, tiredness, pain, etc. : CRYING
  • Largest city in Australia : SYDNEY
  • What is this candy? : GUMBALL
  • US comedy magic team working since the late 70s, Penn &______ : TELLER
  • The oldest university in the UK, established in 1096 : OXFORD
  • What material is this bag made of? : PLASTIC
  • ______ Mandela, revolutionary and former president of South Africa : NELSON
  • The A in the US labor union SAG : ACTORS
  • The protector of Gotham City : BATMAN
Crossword :

  • Claws savagely : MAULS
  • What region of the US is this? : MIDWEST
  • Buffalo of Celebes : ANOA
  • 180 degree maneuver : UTURN
  • Slow underhand throw : LOB
  • Curious George, for one : MONKEY
  • Run ____ (collide with) : INTO
  • Uncertainty feeling : DOUBT
  • Translucent linen : TOILE
  • Tug of ___ : WAR
  • Bourbon barrel material : OAK
  • To declare solemnly : AVOW
  • One who is young and innocent is this : NAIVE
  • To participate in a play : ACT
  • To be annoyingly sweet : CLOY
  • Slow cooked meal? : STEW

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