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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 192 Answers

Normal :

  • Describes a person who often trips and drops things : CLUMSY
  • Andy ______, British tennis star : MURRAY
  • ______ engineering is used to modify DNA : GENETIC
  • What is this expression of exasperation? : FACEPALM
  • Worm-like parasites that feed on blood : LEECHES
  • I Have a Dream was a landmark speech by Martin ____ King Jr. : LUTHER
  • Total ______ is a 1990 US sci-fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger : RECALL
  • What is this type of boat? : LIFERAFT
  • Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of this band : NIRVANA
Crossword :

  • Astrid Lindgren’s “___ Longstocking” : PIPPI
  • Handheld computing device : PALMTOP
  • Call ___ day: 2 wds. : ITA
  • Please in old days : PRITHEE
  • Candlestick ___, old stadium in San Francisco where The Beatles performed their last commercial concert on August 29th, 1966 : PARK
  • ___ facto : IPSO
  • Fall into ___ (be ensnared): 2 wds. : ATRAP
  • Homes of lions, say : LAIRS
  • ___ Houston Coliseum, old indoor arena in Texas where The Beatles performed on August 19th, 1965 : SAM
  • ___ Stadium, venue in New York where The Beatles opened their 1965 North American tour with the largest gathering in concert history at that time : SHEA
  • Organization for senior citizens: Abbr. : AARP
  • Boxing match result, often: Abbr. : TKO
  • Emerge from an egg, say : HATCH
  • 450 in Roman numerals : CDL
  • Wash away gradually like soil : ERODE
  • ___ Corps headquarter, London building whose roof was the venue where The Beatles gave their final live performance on January 30th, 1969 : APPLE

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