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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 275 Answers

Normal :

  • Reaching in deep to find something; excavating : DELVING
  • Usually furry or hairy vertebrate that births living young and feeds them milk : MAMMAL
  • What is this device? : ADAPTER
  • Connected to the Internet : ONLINE
  • A type of trip that you might need to submit expense reports for : BUSINESS
  • _______ Banderas, Spanish actor known for playing Zorro and voicing Puss in Boots in the Shrek series : ANTONIO
  • Large ring that is spun around the hips for exercise : HULAHOOP
  • Hold this to support yourself when walking up or down stairs : HANDRAIL
  • This instrument will let you know whether you’re facing North, East, South, or West : COMPASS
Crossword :

  • ___ Four, a nickname given to The Beatles : FAB
  • Subcultures composed of people who are lovers of a certain thing, such as a movie or TV series : FANDOMS
  • Paintings you may see in a museum : ART
  • A community of vagabonds and wanderers : BOHEMIA
  • A Christmas song : CAROL
  • A tight-knit group, such as a military _____ : CADRE
  • Something that is bound by law is this : LEGAL
  • The Black _______, a Marvel superhero who is the first black superhero in mainstream American comics : PANTHER
  • A Samoan staple, found at Luaus : POI
  • ___ Weasley, best friend of Harry Potter : RON
  • The opposite of “even” : ODD
  • An inflated sense of self : EGO
  • A Marvel superhero who is, in their reality, billionaire genius Tony Stark (2 words) : IRONMAN
  • A quick snooze : NAP
  • A modern method of communication via services such as Yahoo or Outlook : EMAIL
  • A place to get some R&R : SPA

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