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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 286 Answers

Normal :

  • Selling like _______; selling very quickly : HOTCAKES
  • Tools and items needed to accomplish some goal : EQUIPMENT
  • What is this writing equipment? : INKWELL
  • A house that has more ghosts than usual : HAUNTED
  • The presence of harmful chemicals in the air and water : POLLUTION
  • A period of darkness caused by a power failure : BLACKOUT
  • What kind of gardening structure are they building? : GREENHOUSE
  • Ruler with total power and control over a country : DICTATOR
  • The _______, an epic poem written by Homer : ODYSSEY
  • Ernest _________ is the author of “A Farewell to Arms” : HEMINGWAY
Crossword :

  • ___ Dorsey, American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Twitter : JACK
  • John Denver song “Leaving on a ___ Plane” : JET
  • Amply audible : ALOUD
  • Lamborghinis or Porsches : CARS
  • ___-jerk reaction (without thinking) : KNEE
  • Stylish grace : ELAN
  • Play or App follower (place where you can download apps) : STORE
  • Cut and separate, as a connection : SEVER
  • I ___ you one. (expression of gratitude) : OWE
  • The ___ are stacked against her. (conditions are unfavorable) : ODDS
  • Time and Tide ___ for none : WAIT
  • Put a product to its intended purpose : USE
  • ___ Packard, American electrical engineer who co-founded Hewlett-Packard along with William Hewlett : DAVID
  • What am ___ do about it?: 2 wds. : ITO
  • Special food plan to lose weight, e.g. : DIET
  • MLB’s Justin Verlander, to fans : STRO

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