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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 288 Answers

Normal :

  • What is this uncontrolled and aggressive movement? : RAMPAGE
  • Canadian singer nicknamed the “Godfather of Grunge”; he sang “Harvest Moon” : NEILYOUNG
  • To return to a healthy state from injury : RECOVER
  • Greek demigod who performed 12 labors; featured in a 1997 Disney movie : HERCULES
  • To look after a child for their parents : BABYSIT
  • An attractive older gentleman : SILVERFOX
  • Someone who seeks to improve relations between their country and others : DIPLOMAT
  • Apparatus used to breathe just under the surface of the water : SNORKEL
  • To receive money or property from a loved one after their passing : INHERIT
Crossword :

  • Gordon Shumway’s nickname in a sitcom : ALF
  • He’s famous for ___ the wrong reasons. : ALL
  • English washroom : LOO
  • ___ Super De Luxe, car gifted by Mr. Miyagi to Daniel in the 1984 film “The Karate Kid” : FORD
  • Natural phenomena that could submerge a piece of land : FLOODS
  • ___ 250 GT, sports car that was featured in the Matthew Broderick starrer 1986 film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” : FERRARI
  • Cook in a whole lot of oil: Hyph. : DEEPFRY
  • Like the classic Lay’s flavor : SALTED
  • DMC ___, iconic car with gull-wing doors that appeared as the time machine in the 1985 sci-fi film “Back to the Future” : DELOREAN
  • Evolution theorist Charles ___ : DARWIN
  • Egyptian river that’s the longest in the world : NILE
  • One who cannot hear : DEAF
  • Tanzanian city ___ es Salaam : DAR
  • Outlet with a fine selection of meats and cheeses : DELI
  • ___ on the side of caution : ERR
  • The ___ Club, Christian television program from the 80s : PTL
  • Where there is a will, there is ___.: 2 wds. : AWAY
  • Strong yearnings : YENS
  • Charge paid to a dentist, say : FEE
  • Pontiac ___, car that was featured as the artificially intelligent car in the TV series “Knight Rider” that ran from 1982-1986 : FIREBIRD
  • Wager : BET
  • ___ quite alright… : ITS
  • Ten less than a century : NINETY
  • Boulevards, e.g.: Abbr. : STS

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