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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 306 Answers

Normal :

  • 1981 American heavy metal band with hits like “Fade to Black” and “Nothing Else Matters” : METALLICA
  • The capital of Sweden : STOCKHOLM
  • This yellow Transformer got his own movie in 2018 : BUMBLEBEE
  • A golden ticket gets you a tour of this man’s chocolate factory : WILLYWONKA
  • Alternative medicine procedure where one is poked with needles : ACUPUNCTURE
  • What is this Italian food? : STROMBOLI
  • Weapon used by Jedi in Star Wars : LIGHTSABER
  • What is this money gifting sprite? : TOOTHFAIRY
  • Franklin D. _________, POTUS during WW2 : ROOSEVELT
  • A ____ ___ ____ is running out of a restaurant without paying the bill : DINEANDDASH
  • Tower containing a beacon light to guide ships at sea : LIGHTHOUSE
Crossword :

  • Informal way of addressing a young boy, often used by Wolverine : BUB
  • Public mode of transportation : BUS
  • to consume or take something from a limited supply : USES
  • Another term often used to describe the Boyfriend : BEAU
  • A crux situation where there is only one way out from : DOORDIE
  • Last month of the year : Abbr. : DEC
  • Major ingredient in Unagi sushi : EEL
  • Ingredient often used to thicken a sauce base : CREME
  • Going without any punishment : SCOT
  • Cuss : SWORE
  • Currency of Ghana : CEDI
  • Double stuffed cookie : OREO
  • Place that Ayelet Zurer the actress was born in : TEL
  • Put into action : USE
  • AFC Ajax manager between 2010 – 2016 : BOER
  • Male / Female body part : BREAST
  • A time in the past : WERE
  • A smaller version of an ocean : SEA
  • A person that is often looked at as someone to follow in the footsteps of : 2 wds. : ROLEMODEL
  • Way to convey being unsure about something : MAY
  • With 19-Across, series of arcade games that requires saving the Princess in the Mushroom Kingdom : SUPER
  • Sequence of events that are put together expecting a specific outcome : PLAN
  • See 17-Across : MARIO
  • Young fellow : LAD
  • Place where the needle is threaded at : EYE
  • Card valued at either 11 or 1 in blackjack : ACE
  • Communication disorder that is a result of damage to the language parts of the brain : APHASIA
  • Phrase used to showcase a punch effect in comic books : POW
  • Shade : HUE
  • Graphic representation often displayed in galleries : ART
  • Dry fruit native to the Middle East and Western Asia : FIG
  • Popular xmas tree variety : FIR
  • Hurricane that swept through Portions of North America in September 2008 : IKE
  • A valuable stone : GEM
  • Series of first-person shooter video games whose latest instalment is “Global Offensive” : Hyph. : COUNTERSTRIKE
  • When glass breaks into multiple pieces : SHATTER
  • To link one onto another : TETHER
  • The place that wasn’t built in a day : ROME
  • The name for a female sheep : EWE
  • Rule in mathematics, that can be proved by reasoning, and is often expressed using formulae : THEOREM
  • Tiny vegetable in a pod : PEA
  • Long shorts : PANTS
  • The time when credits to a movie are often shown : END
  • To put together with something else : ADDTO
  • Piece of technology that gives immediate access to cash from one’s bank account : ATM
  • Majestic (rhymes with “band”) : GRAND
  • Adhesive that holds things together : GLUE
  • Rough exterior of certain fruits : RIND
  • Stealer’s crime : THEFT
  • To get extremely angry about : FUME
  • Olden designation often given to old Slavic monarchs : TSAR
  • Two people, who have never met before, on a romantic outing : 2 wds. : BLINDDATE
  • The test that lawyers have to clear before being able to practice law : BAR
  • Matter whose major components are N2, O2, CO2 and H2O : AIR
  • Country Donald Trump is the president of : USA
  • Month beginning with Fools’ Day, for short : APR
  • Mother’s sister : AUNT
  • A way to denote levels, often used while describing railway coaches : TIER
  • A geographic tool used to navigate the earth : MAP
  • The main bird from the Angry Birds game; Plural : REDS
  • The government department in the US dealing with Children and Families : ORR
  • Go wrong : ERR

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