A new Chapter, A new Quest, A new expedition is about to be defused right now. We never let our visitors down, always meeting their expectations. There is nothing more satisfying for our team than solving answers and providing them to our lovely visitors. Even if the game’s developers make an update, we will be the first to solve their so-called “new updated difficult levels”. As far as level 326 is concerned, these are the answers that you need to finish : Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 326. Just stop your grumbling and pick up your pieces because our team is dedicated to satisfying you defeatist ego (of course we are just bantering don’t get it too personal, would you?).
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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 326 Answers

Normal :

  • TV series about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher’s transformation into a reckless drug lord : BREAKINGBAD
  • What is this piece of office equipment? : HOLEPUNCH
  • _._. _______ is the British author of the Harry Potter series : JKROWLING
  • The sequence of steps or moves used in a dance or other performance : CHOREOGRAPHY
  • An emergency vehicle that rushes patients to the hospital : AMBULANCE
  • When proposing, you might get down into this position : ONONEKNEE
  • When you find an engrossing book, you might read it _____ __ _____ : COVERTOCOVER
  • Common newspaper word puzzle : CROSSWORDS
  • Often paired with “ladies” when introducing a performance : GENTLEMEN
  • Like a telescope, but for both eyes : BINOCULARS
  • A large spherical chunk of iron fired from artillery : CANNONBALL
  • A person walking on the street; has the right of way at marked crosswalks : PEDESTRIAN
Crossword :

  • Largest continent on Earth with the shortest name : ASIA
  • The son in “Prince Valiant” (anagram of “ran”) : ARN
  • Stitch to sew up a cut in the body : SUTURE
  • Islands in Spanish : ISLAS
  • To ___ (suited perfectly): 2 wds. : ATEE
  • Outermost layer of the Earth : CRUST
  • Spiny desert plant : CACTUS
  • Middle layer in the Earth’s internal structure : MANTLE
  • Tiny pests that could ruin stored foods (rhymes with “rights”) : MITES
  • President’s military rank: Abbr. : CIC
  • Extremely hot innermost layer in the Earth’s internal structure : CORE
  • Dubai’s country: Abbr. : UAE
  • Swimming weasels : OTTERS
  • That in Spain (rhymes with 12a) : ESA
  • Recycle and ___ : REUSE
  • Roman “she” : ESSA

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