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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 341 Answers

Normal :

  • Jason ______, a fictional CIA assassin played by Matt Damon : BOURNE
  • The “______ of Secrets” is the second Harry Potter book : CHAMBER
  • What is this tool used by a judge? : GAVEL
  • Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, _______, Golf : FOXTROT
  • The NFL team for Philadelphia; iconic birds for the US : EAGLES
  • In medicine, the _______ effect can cause “fake” treatments to have a therapeutic effect : PLACEBO
  • The stage of prenatal development before the fetus : EMBRYO
  • Helsinki is the capital of this European country : FINLAND
  • Term for the group of indigenous peoples inhabiting arctic Canada, Alaska, and Greenland : INUIT
  • Sweet and sticky fluid contained in beehives : HONEY
Crossword :

  • ___ pie, traditional dessert served on Thanksgiving day : APPLE
  • Forward motion of army troops : ADVANCE
  • Opposite of amateur, for short : PRO
  • Fake bullets used in air guns : PELLETS
  • Rod ___, former Australian player who has won 11 Grand Slam singles titles : LAVER
  • Biblical garden where Eve met 8d : EDEN
  • Extreme fear and apprehension : DREAD
  • Develop and change over a period of time : EVOLVE
  • Fur ___ (Beethoven dedication) : ELISE
  • Chicken ____ king: 2 wds. : ALA
  • First man? : ADAM
  • Spy novelist Deighton : LEN
  • The most important meal on Thanksgiving day : DINNER
  • Do ____ disturb (door sign) : NOT
  • British racecourse or a silk necktie : ASCOT
  • More than ___ the eye : MEETS

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