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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 372 Answers

Normal :

  • Structure that uses flowing H20 to power its machinery : WATERMILL
  • Einstein once said “_________ is not the learning of facts, but the training of a mind to think.” : EDUCATION
  • What is this way of going unnoticed? : CAMOUFLAGE
  • City known as “the capital of Brazilian soccer” : SAOPAULO
  • Last song on Garth Brook’s debut album, considered by many to be his signature song : THEDANCE
  • English letters have two forms: _________ and lowercase : UPPERCASE
  • What is this type of ring called? : ENGAGEMENT
  • Don’t shoot the _________ for being the bearer of bad news : MESSENGER
  • An interior _________ designs the layout and aesthetics of interior spaces : DECORATOR
Crossword :

  • Original programs seen on this network include Rizzoli & Isles and Major Crimes : TNT
  • Not this : THAT
  • What people call each other by : NAMES
  • Bouillabaisse seasoning, that was once considered a source of courage : THYME
  • If 2,4,6 are even numbers, what are 1,3 and 5? : ODD
  • Cry of surprise : OHO
  • Dim-witted : DOLT
  • What venison meat comes from : DEER
  • Actions speak louder than words, for one : IDIOM
  • Archipelago part : ISLE
  • Pieces of turf, covering a part of the ground : SOD
  • Part of the tree trunk, cut into a cylindrical shape : LOG
  • Archaic word for “before” or “ahead” : ERE
  • ___ I told you so! : HAH
  • Having relations to Scotland, as a kind of whiskey : SCOTCH
  • Footwear most commonly heard of : SHOE
  • Entrance to a house or any of its rooms : DOOR
  • Actress Adams, who played the role of Lois Lane in “Man of Steel” : AMY
  • One of the founders of the Romantic era, poet Samuel Taylor, who authored poems such as “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and “Kubla Khan” : COLERIDGE
  • 2016 Olympics city : RIO
  • The pace at which music is played : TEMPO
  • Scoring marks above a limit would ensure that you ___ the quiz : PASS
  • A duo plus one : TRIO
  • Sitting provision : SEAT
  • Leaves out, as a minor detail : OMITS
  • Feeling sick : ILL
  • From head to __ : TOE
  • Ingredient in pseudo milk as well as fake turkey or chicken : SOY
  • Get rid of : SCRAP
  • GOP member, for short : REP
  • Shade of gray : ASH
  • Vietnamese noodle soup : PHO
  • British toilet : LOO
  • Course in management that is often done after writing the SAT’s : BBA
  • Romantic poet Percy, the writer of classic poems such as “Ozymandias”, “Ode to the West Wind” and “To a Skylark”: 2 wds. : BYSSHESHELLEY
  • ___ and Yang : YIN
  • Human male offspring : SON
  • To sign up and join, while referring to the army : ENLIST
  • ___ On (song by Major Lazer and DJ Snake) : LEAN
  • Prefix relating to the human anatomy : BIO
  • Distance-calling gadget : PHONE
  • Be a thorn in the side of : ANNOY
  • The one whose name the deed is made on : OWNER
  • Himalayan bull : YAK
  • Young woman, often unmarried : LASS
  • He quickly went up the hill and then down the icy ___ : SLOPE
  • Bearded man who comes down the chimney during Xmas : SANTA
  • Clean (something) with water : WASH
  • Peasant who used to serve under a feudal lord : SERF
  • Styling gel target : HAIR
  • Filling in the cavities in teeth : INLAY
  • 12 months put together : YEAR
  • Romantic poet who died at the age of 25, but left a lasting impression on the literary world through his odes like “To Autumn”: 2 wds. : JOHNKEATS
  • To note down quickly : JOT
  • __-Wan, the Jedi master from “Star Wars” : OBI
  • Tool used in gardening : HOE
  • Play object : TOY
  • The ___ (Neo’s alias in “The Matrix”) : ONE
  • Woodwind instrument : OBOE
  • Violent gathering of people for a cause : RIOT
  • Education support group that generally meets in the evenings: Abbr. : PTA
  • Another word for “level” : TIER
  • What you’d do to a potato to turn it to chips : FRY
  • Hearing organ : EAR

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