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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 391 Answers

Normal :

  • The state of having a child : PREGNANCY
  • You should do this if you are too ill to go to work : CALLINSICK
  • The Greeks’ “gift” to the city of Troy : TROJANHORSE
  • A movie or television series which takes its source material from a book : ADAPTATION
  • A place to purchase an automobile : DEALERSHIP
  • Scientific name for the outermost layer of skin : EPIDERMIS
  • To show others how to do something : DEMONSTRATE
  • You ask someone for ___________ when you are lost : DIRECTIONS
  • James Bond’s car of choice, having appeared in more than 7 films : ASTONMARTIN
  • Organization that sets and enforces the laws of a country : GOVERNMENT
Crossword :

  • November birthstone gem which was also a 1969 Hitchcock film : TOPAZ
  • Earthquake consequence in the ocean : TSUNAMI
  • Slip-___ (shoes) : ONS
  • Notes that can be stuck around the office: Hyph. : POSTITS
  • Mermaid in “The Little Mermaid” : ARIEL
  • Enthusiasm and fervor : ZEAL
  • Sleep loudly : SNORE
  • Eurasian country which has the highest forest cover with 2,997,157 square miles of area : RUSSIA
  • 1976 Pulitzer winning composer, Ned ___ : ROREM
  • Millions of lifetimes : EON
  • River in Spain : EBRO
  • ___ Aviv, Israeli city : TEL
  • South American country which is the most forested country in terms of actual forest area covered by forest at 56.1% : BRAZIL
  • UnBit of acne, slangily : ZIT
  • Send, as a payment : REMIT
  • Fails to mention : OMITS

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