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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 393 Answers

Normal :

  • Household items like a bed, tables, chairs, and sofas : FURNITURE
  • Sending you to his or her office in school means you are in trouble : PRINCIPAL
  • Three words you can use to find yourself on a shopping mall map : YOUAREHERE
  • English rock star who sang “Space Oddity” and starred in “Labyrinth” : DAVIDBOWIE
  • 2007 Pixar movie about a rat who aspires to be a chef : RATATOUILLE
  • Title given to the wife of the president of the United States : FIRSTLADY
  • The study of insects : ENTOMOLOGY
  • What is this type of contest? : SPELLINGBEE
  • Quentin ___ is a Hollywood film director known for movies like “Kill Bill” and “The Hateful Eight” : TARANTINO
  • The name for an animal that only eats plants : HERBIVORE
Crossword :

  • Important component when it comes to heredity : GENE
  • Your car won’t run without it : GAS
  • Of mythical proportions, as a magic show : EPIC
  • Emperor who watched his kingdom burn, while playing a fiddle : NERO
  • Be : EXIST
  • Goes for, as a career option : OPTS
  • Eight-legged sea creature : OCTOPUS
  • Pig meat that may be made into chops : PORK
  • Seating levels : TIERS
  • ___ peek (a brief look at things to come) : SNEAK
  • Boundary : EDGE
  • Actress Green from “Casino Royale” : EVA
  • Suddenly change course : VEER
  • Hill-dwelling insect : ANT
  • The top : APEX
  • Metallic currency : COIN
  • One’s preferred place : DEN
  • Apple’s version of an intelligent personal assistant : SIRI
  • Peach or beech, e.g. : TREE
  • ___ it? (“Do you understand?”) : GET
  • Character played by Michael Richards in “Seinfeld”, who is 32-Across’s neighbor and is often called a “hipster doofus”: 2 wds. : COSMOKRAMER
  • ___-Dick (Herman Melville work) : MOBY
  • Tee off : MIFF
  • Age-old toy that is set into a spinning motion : TOP
  • Slide down a slope : SKI
  • Comfortable sleepwear, for short : PJS
  • Group focussed on involving parents into the education system: Abbr. : PTA
  • Where a golf ball is placed before the first hit : TEE
  • You’d require one to lift anything up : ARM
  • Public transport which will pick you up from a stand : BUS
  • I’ll ___ to it (get it done) : SEE
  • Coin activity, considered an act of randomness : FLIP
  • Legendary martial artist Bruce : LEE
  • A bit under the weather : ILL
  • Common format for electronic documents, apart from “.doc”: Abbr. : PDF
  • The lead character from “Seinfeld”, who is a semi-fictional version of the actor who plays the role and goes by the same name: 2 wds. : JERRYSEINFELD
  • British pop sensation Ora : RITA
  • The Titanic’s nemesis : ICEBERG
  • Early 1900s gold rush locale : NOME
  • Halving prefix : SEMI
  • Kind to the nature prefix : ECO
  • Pointy-eared one : ELF
  • A pair : TWO
  • Use, as a handheld weapon : WIELD
  • Live, as a radio broadcast: 2 wds. : ONAIR
  • Expressive rock genre : EMO
  • ___ verge of… (“About to”): 2 wds. : ONTHE
  • What you’d hear on shouting in a closed hall : ECHO
  • Character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Seinfeld”, who is an ex-girlfriend of 32-Across: 2 wds. : ELAINEBENES
  • ___ by example : LEAD
  • Isaac’s eldest son : ESAU
  • ___ Lehnsherr (Magneto’s real name) : ERIK
  • Inflicted with pain : SORE
  • Actor McKellen who plays 47-Across in “The X-Men” movies : IAN
  • Frozen water : ICE
  • Simplify : EASE
  • City let down by a horse : TROY
  • I agree! : YES
  • So THAT’s the problem! : AHA
  • Pinocchio, for one : LIAR
  • For ___ (Message from a vacant taxi) : HIRE
  • A shake of the head : NOD
  • It can get a sportsman banned from a tourney : DRUG
  • Barely makes, as one’s living : EKES

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