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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 413 Answers

Normal :

  • ______ Clarke played Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” : EMILIA
  • What is this animal doing? : DREAMING
  • To sign up for classes : ENROLL
  • Old, tile-based 4-player game developed in China and played all around Asia : MAHJONG
  • Vehicles rely on these massive machines under the hood to move : ENGINES
  • Single floored house : BUNGALOW
  • Container for powdery cigarette residue and buds : ASHTRAY
  • Yellow arcade icon who first appeared in 1980; eats dots and sometimes ghosts : PACMAN
Crossword :

  • To prohibit or outlaw something : BAN
  • A large, furry mammal. Yogi was one : BEAR
  • The military’s primary ground force : ARMY
  • A brand of drinking water that is rival to Aquafina : NAYA
  • ___ wanted A list you may see at a Police Station : MOST
  • ___ Picchu, a world-famous Incan citadel : MACHU
  • Walk ___ coals (the act of firewalking): 2 wds : ONHOT
  • A slow-cooked liquid mixture of meat and vegetables (rhymes with “new”) : STEW
  • An ill-fated ship that hit an Iceberg on its maiden voyage : TITANIC
  • An individually owned apartment, for short : CONDO
  • Money, a payment option other than card and cheque : CASH
  • ___ you serious? : ARE
  • She sells ___ shells : SEA
  • The opposite of cold : HOT
  • The end of an ___ A significant portion of time : ERA
  • A prefix usually found before “biotic” or “virus” : ANTI
  • A popular chocolate-creme cookie made by Nabisco : OREO
  • ___ Schumer, an American comedian known for her 2015 film “Trainwreck” : AMY
  • ___ Faker, a musician who made the hit cover “No Diggity” : CHET
  • ___ and clean, like a well organised desk : NEAT
  • A character from “The Office” played by B.J. Novak, who has an on-again off-again relationship with Mindy Kaling’s character: 2 wds : RYANHOWARD
  • Egg___, a popular drink around Christmas time : NOGG
  • David Lee ___, vocalist of Van Halen. Also Eli ___, the Hollywood actor and director : ROTH
  • Get ___! said when angrily asking someone to leave : OUT
  • A kind of rope tie that a hangman would make : NOOSE
  • He sold his ___to the Devil! : SOUL
  • He ___ like a horse! (consumes a lot of food) : EATS
  • Showing affection outside of your home, say: Abbr : PDA
  • A sudden sensation, such as a ___ of hunger : PANG
  • A leather maker’s hole-making tools : AWLS
  • A famed African river that notably passes near the Pyramids : NILE
  • South Korean rapper who made the hit song “Gangnam Style” : PSY
  • A large hole in the ground, also the center of a cherry : PIT
  • A popular breakfast grain, found in Frosted ___ Flakes : OAT
  • A popular non-alcoholic beverage which may be herbal : TEA
  • A character from “The Office” played by Rainn Wilson, who is the nemesis and eventual friend of 42a: 2 wds : DWIGHTSCHRUTE
  • A high-quality audio/video interface, for which you may buy cables: Abbr : HDMI
  • To shake slightly, “to ___ with fear” : TREMBLE
  • You ___ what you sow : REAP
  • Come one, come ___! : ALL
  • The opposite of wet : DRY
  • The sister of Anna from Disney’s “Frozen” : ELSA
  • Now you ___, now you don’t!: 2 wds : SEEME
  • The button you would push on your DVD player to get the DVD out : EJECT
  • An organisation which the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers belong to : NBA
  • Someone you hire to take care of the kids : NANNY
  • God ___ America (Look kindly on) : BLESS
  • A character from “The Office” played by John Krasinski, who eventually marries the receptionist Pam: 2 wds : JIMHALPERT
  • Weeded a garden, or broke some ground : HOED
  • Organs you use to hear, found on either side of your head: Plural : EARS
  • A violent outbreak of civil unrest : RIOT
  • A greek epic which was made into a film starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom : TROY
  • When you get something without having to pay for it, it is ___ : FREE
  • Text speak when showing enthusiasm for something. “LA Lakers ___!”: Abbr : FTW
  • Singer Carly ___ Jepsen : RAE
  • Golf hall of famer Ernie ___ : ELS
  • Hard body part you find in the skeleton : BONE
  • What we breathe : AIR
  • A soft mineral used to make baby powder : TALC
  • A camera part, the “L” in “S.L.R” : LENS
  • A hopping Australian mammal, for short : ROO
  • The Wild Wild ___ : WEST
  • Hugely popular ice cream brand that is famous for their “Slow Churned” brand : EDYS
  • A place that is home to pigs : STY

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