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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 419 Answers

Normal :

  • People of the indigenous population of the Arctic : INUITS
  • What part of a swimming pool is this? : DEEPEND
  • To increase the volume or size : EXPAND
  • Physical harm to the body : INJURY
  • Popular David Bowie song release in 1971; it was the last one he sang live before retiring : CHANGES
  • Type of news about an important, ongoing event : BREAKING
  • US city nicknamed the “Windy City” : CHICAGO
  • The most widely used computer operating system in the world : WINDOWS
Crossword :

  • Organized crime syndicate or an unrestrained crowd : MOB
  • Top-selling salsa artist Anthony : MARC
  • Three-layer cookie from Nabisco : OREO
  • Sleeping spots : BEDS
  • Breathe heavily, say after a long run : PANT
  • One in control of an airplane : PILOT
  • Change with the times : ADAPT
  • Clownfish in a 2003 Pixar film : NEMO
  • Newspaper half the size of its larger counterpart : TABLOID
  • Try a bite of : TASTE
  • Weekly news magazine that is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind : TIME
  • DIY furniture giants : IKEA
  • Big brand of faucets : MOEN
  • Dead-___ (road that leads to nowhere) : END
  • All men ___ created equal : ARE
  • Creative concept, symbolized by a light bulb : IDEA
  • Artist with hits like “Smack That” and “Right Now” : AKON
  • Color of tomato paste : RED
  • Mary had a little one : LAMB
  • What you plant to get a plant : SEED
  • Fashion magazine for women that has been in publication since 1886, and is often referred to by its shorter name : COSMOPOLITAN
  • What might grow on really old cheese : MOLD
  • Cross inscription : INRI
  • Too exaggerated, in texting terminology: Abbr. : OTT
  • She’s the ___ (soul mate) : ONE
  • Be nosy : PRY
  • Singer Collins, who was once the drummer and vocalist for Genesis : PHIL
  • Tee-___ (sound of a giggle) : HEE
  • The Vampire Diaries actor Somerhalder : IAN
  • Thin MacBook model : AIR
  • Snake seen in hieroglyphics : ASP
  • Acquire : GET
  • Fuel for a car : GAS
  • Utter fool : ASS
  • Muddy barnyard enclosure : STY
  • General-interest family magazine that has been in publication since 1920, and was the best-selling magazine till 2009: 2 wds. : READERSDIGEST
  • List-ender that means “…and others”: 2 wds. : ETAL
  • Extreme, as some measures : RADICAL
  • Gold-coated : GILT
  • Currency that you’ll spot while reading “money” backwards : YEN
  • Dance style that involves foot noises : TAP
  • ___ Bitsy Spider (nursery rhyme) : ITSY
  • Biological duplicate that is the subject of many sci-fi movies : CLONE
  • Dishonorable fellow : CAD
  • Getting on in years : AIL
  • Feel sick : AGING
  • The British ___ (Great Britain, Ireland, and many other smaller land masses) : ISLES
  • Rock and ___ : ROLL
  • Biweekly pop culture magazine that has been in publication since 1967 and shares its name with a legendary rock band: 2 wds. : ROLLINGSTONE
  • Another word for verbal or spoken : ORAL
  • Not any : NONE
  • Sounds good to me : OKAY
  • Long river running through Egypt : NILE
  • Give off, as radiation : EMIT
  • Brand of lawn mowers and snow blowers that is also the Spanish word for a “bull” : TORO
  • Casual buttonless shirt : TEE
  • Helix you may find in a heater or under your mattress : COIL
  • Sister of Khloe and Kourtney : KIM
  • Distinctive flair : ELAN
  • The Intern actress Hathaway : ANNE
  • Boxer whose name is an anagram of 38-Across : ALI
  • Lifestyle magazine with a palindromic name that means “she” or “her” in French : ELLE
  • A centipede can have hundreds of them : LEGS
  • As of ___ (so far) : YET

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