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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 422 Answers

Normal :

  • Kept on a car, usually in the trunk, in case of a blowout : SPARETIRE
  • Emergency raft on ships : LIFEBOAT
  • Closely staying behind someone in front of you : FOLLOWING
  • What is this espionage term? : DOUBLEAGENT
  • Dome-shaped muscular partition which plays a major role in breathing : DIAPHRAGM
  • What is this body part? : COLLARBONE
  • Between midday and the evening : AFTERNOON
  • _______Da Vinci, the painter of the “Mona Lisa” : LEONARDO
  • Observance of a rule, submission to a command : OBEDIENCE
  • ________ Geographic is a science, geography, and history magazine : NATIONAL
  • A line that is neither horizontal or vertical; joins two opposite corners of a square : DIAGONAL
  • Something that has been made useless by a new design or technology : OBSOLETE
  • What is this kind of dream? : NIGHTMARE
Crossword :

  • Cash-dispensing device: Abbr. : ATM
  • John ___ Mary, 1969 American romantic drama film starring Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow which was adapted from a Mervyn Jones novel : AND
  • Garment flaw : TEAR
  • Waiter’s handout : MENU
  • Put up a show : ACT
  • World traveler’s aid : ATLAS
  • Gladiator star Russell : CROWE
  • Supermodel Banks : TYRA
  • It just doesn’t ___…. (detective’s observation): 2 wds. : ADDUP
  • Did an impression of someone : APED
  • Far from rich : POOR
  • Experimental, as an idea : EDGY
  • Wag the ___, 1997 dark comedy film starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro which was adapted from Larry Beinhart’s novel “American Hero” : DOG
  • French word for “born” : NEE
  • Take a bite : TRY
  • Extinct bird which used to roam the island of Mauritius : DODO
  • ___ Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson on “The Simpsons” : DAN
  • The ___ of the Rings, film series of three epic fantasy adventure films : LORD
  • Folk-rock singer Bob ___ : DYLAN
  • Rap music’s Snoop ___ : DOGG
  • 2003 legal thriller film starring Dustin Hoffman and John Cusack, based on the John Grisham novel of the same name: 2 wds. : RUNAWAYJURY
  • Pecans or cashews, e.g. : NUTS
  • Sudden violent movement (rhymes with “bolt”) : JOLT
  • Avail of : USE
  • Prefix with “sided” to mean uneven or askew : LOP
  • Typist’s stat: Abbr. : WPM
  • Cartoon king Disney : WALT
  • You ___ here (map words) : ARE
  • Allow or permit : LET
  • Pen-___ (far-off correspondent) : PAL
  • Long church seat : PEW
  • DJ’s requirement, for short : AMP
  • In ___ of (amazed by) : AWE
  • ___ hours (early morning) : WEE
  • The final word in old movies : END
  • All the ___, 1976 political thriller film starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford which is about the Watergate scandal: 2 wds. : PRESIDENTSMEN
  • ___ of You (Elvis Presley song): 2 wds. : IBEG
  • Entrances to rooms : DOORS
  • Legendary Chicago Cubs hitter Sammy ___ : SOSA
  • How I ___ Your Mother (TV series) : MET
  • Arrows are fired from it : BOW
  • Viewpoint column, informally: Hyph. : OPED
  • ___ the heart of the matter. (arrive at): 2 wds. : GETTO
  • Nat ___, documentary channel, for short : GEO
  • American ___ (Green Day album) : IDIOT
  • American tax authority: Abbr. : IRS
  • India’s currency : RUPEE
  • 1967 romantic comedy film starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft based on a Charles Webb novel of the same name: 2 wds. : THEGRADUATE
  • Bring a guitar to the desired pitch : TUNE
  • One in line for the throne : HEIR
  • A in the NATO phonetic alphabet : ALFA
  • One side in a game : TEAM
  • Poker term read backwards which is also the name of an Italian volcano : ETNA
  • Song for two : DUET
  • Homer Simpson’s catchphrase : DOH
  • ___ of the tongue (verbal mistake) : SLIP
  • And so forth (at the end of a list): Abbr. : ETC
  • Beer container with a pull tab : CAN
  • I wouldn’t bet ___! (very less chance of something happening): 2 wds. : ONIT
  • Sworn rival : FOE
  • Former tennis world No.1 Ivanovic : ANA
  • 1992 American film starring Dustin Hoffman and Geena Davis, about a pickpocket who rescues passengers from a crashed airliner : HERO
  • Had brunch, say : ATE
  • Rain ___, 1988 American comedy drama film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise in which Hoffman plays an autistic savant : MAN

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