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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 423 Answers

Normal :

  • “Are You _____ of the Dark?” was a Canadian TV show where “The Midnight Society” told scary stories : AFRAID
  • Being charged with a crime : ACCUSED
  • What is this professional rider called? : JOCKEY
  • Close to, but not quite there : ALMOST
  • Professionals who make and serve coffee : BARISTAS
  • False identities commonly assumed by criminals : ALIASES
  • British-American actor ______ Garfield starred in “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Silence” : ANDREW
  • The world had several ______ characterized by huge changes, like the 60s, 70s, and 80s : DECADES
  • The person or thing being discussed in a sentence : SUBJECT
Crossword :

  • Oh no, I messed up! : OOPS
  • The sash with a kimono : OBI
  • There’s no country for these men : OLD
  • Author Edgar Allan : POE
  • It makes a fish or a dragon’s armor : SCALE
  • ___ choy (Chinese cabbage) : BOK
  • Comedian Roseanne, who was also a presidential nominee in 2012 : BARR
  • Finished : OVER
  • All of the Lights rapper West : KANYE
  • One in charge of maintaining official documents like a register : REGISTRAR
  • What an air ball doesn’t touch, apart from the backboard : RIM
  • The hunched man in Frankenstein’s lab : IGOR
  • Set the ___ (ambiance) : MOOD
  • Choc-a-___ : BLOC
  • Director DuVernay : AVA
  • ___-boost (confidence builder) : EGO
  • Concept : IDEA
  • The ___ & Stimpy Show (animated series) : REN
  • Sentimentality, as in a movie scene : GOO
  • Former President of the Indiana Pacers, NBA legend who twice reached the 50-40-90 stats in two consecutive seasons: 2 wds. : LARRYBIRD
  • Prefix for “enemy” or “angel” : ARCH
  • How the French would spell the color of the sky : BLEU
  • Glasgow gal : LASS
  • Concentrated light-beam that is used in non-intrusive surgeries and sci-fi films: Abbr. : LASER
  • Starting stake in poker : ANTE
  • Raised the incline of, as a mountain road : STEEPENED
  • Former World Number 1 golfer Ernie : ELS
  • Insect that can lift weights 10 to 50 times its body weight : ANT
  • The most senior NCM in the Canadian Armed Forces: Abbr. : CNO
  • What standing in the rain will make you : NET
  • ___ in a million (unique) : ONE
  • Carve, as one’s name in the history books : ETCH
  • Fabric made from horsehair, for short : CRIN
  • Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego : HYDE
  • Current point guard for the Golden State Warriors, NBA pro who is the most recent player to reach the 50-40-90 stats: 2 wds. : STEPHENCURRY
  • The third button in media players, besides Play/Pause and Next: Abbr. : PREV
  • Sheets used in hand-made animations, for short : CELS
  • Visionary : SEER
  • Would go with a pair of denims : TEE
  • Help : AID
  • Feline or canine companion : PET
  • Guiding belief, as of a religion : TENET
  • SNL producer Michaels : LORNE
  • That’s more like it!: 2 wds. : OHYES
  • Length or duration, as of a bird’s wings : SPAN
  • Current GM of the Canadian National Basketball team, 8-time NBA All-Star who reached the 50-40-90 stats in 4 seasons out of 5: 2 wds. : STEVENASH
  • A piece in a game of Mahjong : TILE
  • A flipped six : NINE
  • The Seduction of Joe Tynan star : ALDA
  • ATM password: Abbr. : PIN
  • Zero : NIL
  • Ben-Hur author Wallace : YELL
  • Canada’s ___ Island National Park : ELK
  • The white ones are not meant to hurt : LIE
  • ___ Alcindor: Kareem, formerly : LEW
  • Tavern brew : ALE
  • It lays the foundation for a new beginning, sometimes : END
  • Night author Wiesel : ELIE
  • Kansas City Royals manager Yost : NED
  • Prefix for the smaller spoon : TEA
  • Out of line : SKEW

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