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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 434 Answers

Normal :

  • Item that can be used more than once : REUSABLE
  • What button should you press if you’re not ready to wake up? : SNOOZE
  • Fight between armed forces : BATTLE
  • Profound emotions that come from a chest organ : HEARTFELT
  • Popular social media site allowing short messages of only a few hundred characters : TWITTER
  • When a flight takes off later than its scheduled time : DELAYED
  • Being on ___ _____ involves having both arms and legs on the ground : ALLFOURS
  • The New Zealand rugby team is informally known as “The __ ____” : ALLBLACKS
  • ___ Dunst, US actress who played Mary Jane in the original Spider-Man trilogy : KIRSTEN
  • The process though which conclusions can be drawn from data : ANALYSIS
  • The hard container the chick must break open to hatch : EGGSHELL
  • Household tool like a fork, knife, or spoon : UTENSIL
  • What is this search for a precious metal? : GOLDRUSH
  • A unending quantity symbolized by a sideways “8” : INFINITY
Crossword :

  • Illness that causes congestion and body aches : FLU
  • Took to the air : FLEW
  • Sets of points, mathematically : LOCI
  • ___ Cripple Creek (1969 hit for The Band): 2 wds : UPON
  • Rapper “50 ___” : CENT
  • Invented, linguistically : COINED
  • Not at all consistent, can be used to describe behavior : ERRATIC
  • In the vicinity : NEAR
  • Award given for excellence in Broadway theatre : TONY
  • Stop beating a dead horse: 2 wds : MOVEON
  • New York’s baseball team : METS
  • ___ Says I Love You (1996 Woody Allen film) : EVERYONE
  • Stuff in tobacco : TAR
  • Sylvester Stallone’s nickname : SLY
  • Cut off, as a branch : LOP
  • Cookie used in milkshakes : OREO
  • Shape of the Number Zero : OVAL
  • Author Umberto : ECO
  • Persia, now : IRAN
  • Extremely : VERY
  • Edward Scissorhands actress, who plays a lead role in “Stranger Things”: 2 wds. : WINONARYDER
  • Kimono sash : OBI
  • They mix music at nightclubs: Abbr. : DJS
  • You might put one on a horse : BET
  • With 39-Across, character played by 18-Across in “Stranger Things” : JOYCE
  • Short and not so sweet : CURT
  • Flight’s expected landing hour: Abbr. : ETA
  • Like vinegar : ACIDIC
  • Greeting from a sailor : AHOY
  • Formal ritual : CEREMONY
  • Mitchell’s partner on “Modern Family,” for short : CAM
  • Pig’s sniffer : SNOUT
  • Winnie ___ Pooh : THE
  • Keyboard key above Caps Lock : TAB
  • Transport from an airport : CAB
  • Immersing the body in water or sunshine : BATHING
  • Gun rights organization: Abbr. : NRA
  • Main artery that comes from the heart : AORTA
  • It is good to have these up one’s sleeve : TRICKS
  • Is that too much to ___? : ASK
  • Word with babe, chick or bar : MAGNET
  • Travolta movie musical with the song “Summer Nights” : GREASE
  • Bill ___, TV’s “Science Guy” : NYE
  • See 22-Across : BYERS
  • Give it a go : TRY
  • Played by Finn Wolfhard, character who is one of Will Byers’ three friends in “Stranger Things”: 2 wds. : MIKEWHEELER
  • Fashion magazine with a palindromic name : ELLE
  • Unwanted growth in a garden : WEED
  • Volcanic flow : LAVA
  • Annual physical ___ (routine doctor visit) : EXAM
  • Depend (on) : RELY
  • Short farewell term : BYE
  • Common purpose group, a political coalition maybe : BLOC
  • A stable boy, in Britain : LAD
  • Han Solo’s love interest in “Star Wars” : LEIA
  • Give a pink slip to : AXE
  • Pull a door or an arm suddenly : YANK
  • Word with contact or zoom : LENS
  • Actor Kilmer of “Top Gun” : VAL
  • Grand brand of ice cream, called Dreyer’s in Western United States : EDYS
  • Microsoft web browser developed for Windows 10 : EDGE
  • Mayim Bialik’s role on “The Big Bang Theory” : AMY

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