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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 437 Answers

Normal :

  • Old ______ is about a yellow dog who saves the life of the boy who adopted him : YELLER
  • 2017 DC movie “______ Woman” starred Gal Gadot as the Amazon superhero : WONDER
  • What is this gliding sport? : SKATE
  • These teeth are often pulled out : WISDOM
  • A common OTC pain reducing and anti-inflammatory medicine : ASPIRIN
  • Remote-controlled flying machines : DRONES
  • Large rock; name of a city in Colorado : BOULDER
  • X-men villain with the power to control metal : MAGNETO
Crossword :

  • They let him off with a ___ on the wrist : SLAP
  • Go out in search of : SEEK
  • That was a ____ excuse for not finishing your assignment! : LAME
  • Tel ___ : AVIV
  • Frodo put his life in ____ the moment he accepted the quest to destroy The One Ring : PERIL
  • Military personnel who have returned home from war : VETS
  • Dick ___, recipient of the SAG lifetime achievement award in 2013: 2 wds. : VANDYKE
  • Son of Isaac : ESAU
  • World’s largest food processing and packaging company, ___ pak : TETRA
  • Catching the opponent’s pass or dribble in basketball : STEAL
  • It’s not just nice to have, it’s a ___ have! : MUST
  • I really need to buy a yoga ___ : MAT
  • Volcanic debris : ASH
  • Small rubber peg on which a football is placed to raise it off the ground : TEE
  • Part of the roof that meets the walls : EAVE
  • ___ of golf clubs: 2 wds. : ASET
  • She put her intelligence to good ___ and got into Stanford : USE
  • Gulf state Prince : EMIR
  • Actor who plays the title role in “Castle” : NATE
  • ___ will be loved, single by Maroon 5 : SHE
  • NBA MVP in the year 2014: 2 wds. : KEVINDURANT
  • Organisation that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon: Abbr. : NASA
  • Lisa had a ___ death experience when she met with that terrible accident : NEAR
  • ___ down beside me, song by the Backstreet Boys : LAY
  • Guinness Draught is a type of Irish ___ : ALE
  • Time zone that is used as a central reference point for all the others: Abbr. : GMT
  • Character played by Steve Carell in the “Despicable Me” series : GRU
  • Host of the 2016 Summer Olympics : RIO
  • Previously known as the Florida Technological University: Abbr. : UCF
  • Glide across snow : SKI
  • UN agency that deals with social justice, human and labor rights: Abbr. : ILO
  • Assistant to a politician : AIDE
  • Words exchanged at a wedding: 2 wds. : IDO
  • Chris Pratt had a ___ bod before joining the cast of “Guardians Of The Galaxy” : DAD
  • In the ___, song by Linkin Park : END
  • 2 time NBA slam dunk contest champion (1987, 1988): 2 wds. : MICHAELJORDAN
  • Actor who played the role of Agent Smith in “The Matrix” : HUGO
  • The band was in the midst of a ___ session when they received a call from the record label : JAMMING
  • Vegetable that is used to thicken Gumbo : OKRA
  • Vegans’ favorite meat replacement : TOFU
  • Most commonly used wood for furniture and making wine barrels : OAK
  • Out of the ordinary : ODD
  • Also called Deutschland, for short : GER
  • Compilation of arguments regarding a topic : ESSAY
  • Christopher ___ who played Superman in “Superman: The Movie”(1978) : REEVE
  • Wife’s salutation : MRS
  • I would like to start over with a clean ___ : SLATE
  • 1983 NBA finals MVP: 2 wds. : MOSESMALONE
  • Piece of paper with information regarding something specific : MEMO
  • Thick layer of fog polluted with smoke : SMOG
  • Brand that sells toothbrushes, ___ – B : ORAL
  • John leads this project, so it’s his ___ on the line : NECK
  • ___, Shoots And Leaves, a popular book on punctuation : EATS
  • Be in debt to : OWE
  • Song of praise : ODE
  • Shake, as a tail : WAG
  • Final four game: abbr. : SEMI
  • ___ 51, United States Air Force facility : AREA
  • Construction named after the 31st president of the United States : DAM
  • Cosmetic company listed on NYSE under AVP : AVON
  • A hostage negotiator displays ____ while dealing with the criminal : TACT
  • Sense of self : EGO
  • A burglar or safe cracker : YEGG
  • Large North American deer also called Wapitis : ELKS

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