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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 442 Answers

Normal :

  • Was nervous and frustrated : AGITATED
  • Groups of signs that occur together due to a disease or illness : SYNDROME
  • What is this nautical ailment is he suffering from? : SEASICK
  • Sometimes a mountain can be made out of one of these dirt piles : MOLEHILL
  • Food that hasn’t been prepared, raw : UNCOOKED
  • To experience great mental stress over something : AGONIZE
  • To remove an established law : ABOLISH
  • Unstable, unpredictable, fluctuates strongly : VOLATILE
  • A person who has proficiency in an activity is this : SKILLFUL
  • ‎Scott Westerfeld’s first novel of the series which includes the books “Pretties”, “Specials”, and “Extras.” : UGLIES
  • What is this type of puzzle? : SUDOKU
  • Person who came in uninvited, against the owner’s will : INTRUDER
  • Having an inflated sense of self-importance : EGOISTIC
Crossword :

  • Structure made by fastening pieces of wood together to survive at 6d, say : RAFT
  • Martin ___ from “Lethal Weapon,” played by Mel Gibson : RIGGS
  • To dote on : ADORE
  • What 1a would do on water : FLOAT
  • Every adversity ___ your character. : TESTS
  • Sits around doing nothing : IDLES
  • Where ships sail : SEA
  • Duck-like bird : GOOSE
  • Persona non ___ (someone who is unwelcome) : GRATA
  • His honesty ___ him apart. (distinguishes) : SETS

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