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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 446 Answers

Normal :

  • What light-up display does this represent? : SCREEN
  • A _____ grin is one that’s slightly rude but still endearing : CHEEKY
  • One who breaks into the house for theft : BURGLAR
  • Something that happens normally, commonly, generally : USUALLY
  • Weak and fragile, often used to describe a relationship : TENUOUS
  • _______ around is telling funny stories and being lighthearted : JOKING
  • One of the world’s bestselling peanut butter brands with the tagline “_______! Yippee!” : SKIPPY
  • Dangerous, not free of harm : UNSAFE
  • Place where animal hides are dyed or colored : TANNERY
  • What is this skillful form of competitive horse riding? : DRESSAGE
  • The location of something : POSITION
  • What type of flowers are these? : DAISIES
  • An alternative method of getting takeout that doesn’t require one to go to the store : DELIVERY
  • The official verification of a will of the deceased : PROBATE
  • To finish or wrap-up a speech : CONCLUDE
Crossword :

  • Game, ___, match (in tennis) : SET
  • Another word for saliva : SPIT
  • To ___ his own. (“Everyone is free to make different choices”) : EACH
  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the ___. : TREE
  • Muscles in the abdomen : ABS
  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the ___. : ASIAN
  • Nike or Apple, e.g. : BRAND
  • What Adele or Katy Perry would do onstage : SING
  • Hair ___, appliance that blows hot air and is used on wet hair : DRYER
  • Make a picture using a pencil and paper : DRAW
  • What a lion would do when it loses its patience : ROAR
  • He tried with ___ his might to move the load. : ALL
  • I’m just a ___ bit tired. (little bit) : WEE
  • He is on ___ with everyone else in the team. (equal to) : PAR
  • Island country located close to India, ___ Lanka : SRI
  • What a director gives to a new actor in a film : ROLE
  • A drink is incomplete without a cube or two of this : ICE
  • Author Fleming, creator of 007 : IAN
  • Prestigious Ivy League university (former President Bill Clinton is an alumni) : YALE
  • Movie about three friends getting drunk and wasted in Las Vegas, featuring a cameo by the boxer Mike Tyson: 2 wds. : THEHANGOVER
  • Pause for some time : HALT
  • Prefix with present to mean ubiquitous : OMNI
  • It was a ___ attempt. (fruitless) : VAIN
  • Any Tom, Dick ___ Harry cannot do this job! : AND
  • Month between February and April, for short : MAR
  • ___ the only option. : ITS
  • ___ be over before you know it. : ITLL
  • English article that appears before nouns : THE
  • Harper ___, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” : LEE
  • To pump up the sound, for short : AMP
  • Star Wars’ Darth Vader’s nickname when he was a boy : ANI
  • Finished the meal : ATE
  • Where the biceps are : ARM
  • If the fruits are not picked soon, they will begin to ___. (decompose) : ROT
  • Title before a married woman’s name: Abbr. : MRS
  • Movie featuring former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg assassin T-800 sent back in time: 2 wds. : THETERMINATOR
  • Anagram of lime, which is also a male name : EMIL
  • Position in a list : RANK
  • Thanks ___! (much): 2 wds. : ALOT
  • ___ you later! (bye for now) : SEE
  • Document that shows the route : MAP
  • ___ go! (time to leave) : LETS
  • Breathes hard : PANTS
  • What you need to enter at an ATM to withdraw cash: Abbr. : PIN
  • Prefix with science to mean Earth science : GEO
  • Small figurine with a pointed hat and long beard found in gardens : GNOME
  • Land of the pyramids and pharaohs : EGYPT
  • Retired professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson plays a war veteran in this remake of the 1973 film: 2 wds. : WALKINGTALL
  • Wish to do something : WANT
  • The doctor ___ the room and available for consultation.: 2 wds. : ISIN
  • Word to mean “furthermore” : ALSO
  • Music that’s blaring : LOUD
  • She was the ___ survivor of the plane crash. (only survivor) : LONE
  • Proposal on how to tackle a problem : PLAN
  • Network that airs “Austin City Limits”: Abbr. : PBS
  • Fragrant necklace? : LEI
  • Tofu is made from ___ milk. : SOY
  • Englishman’s lavatory : LOO
  • Natural inclination : BENT
  • Dennis the menace, e.g. (a little troublemaker) : IMP
  • Fiery orb in the sky : SUN
  • Warms the bench : SITS
  • Demarcator in the middle of a tennis court : NET
  • Highly praiseful literary work : ODE

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