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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 452 Answers

Normal :

  • Sport family that includes pool and snooker : BILLIARDS
  • It’s a good idea to do to prepare for a performance : REHEARSE
  • What nutrient is found in these foods? : PROTEIN
  • ______ rules are assumed to be in place despite being rarely talked about : UNSPOKEN
  • Chris _______ is an Australian actor who has roles in “Rush” and many Marvel movies : HEMSWORTH
  • The fear of animals : ZOOPHOBIA
  • _____ theft is a crime where one’s personal information is taken : IDENTITY
  • What process is used to make this covering? : QUILTING
  • _._. _____ is the author of The Chronicles of Narnia novels : CSLEWIS
Crossword :

  • Outdoor clothing brand that also offers classes on rock climbing and kayaking: Abbr. : EMS
  • Make minor changes to a document : EDIT
  • This game has various ______ of difficulty : MODES
  • Not tall : SHORT
  • ____ mixed with corn starch was widely used as baby powder : TALC
  • ___ & Jerry, the famous cartoon cat and mouse duo : TOM
  • Spread the jelly evenly ____ that slice of bread! : OVER
  • When trying to signify how small something is : MERE
  • Make, in past tense : MADE
  • Capital of the Republic of Belarus : MINSK
  • ____ we there yet? : ARE
  • MS-___ (an early stage operating system): Abbr. : DOS
  • Engineering Network Services: Abbr. : ENS
  • Play-___ (modelling clay) : DOH
  • Laying bricks over something : PAVE
  • When salaried employees get their paychecks : PAYDAY
  • ____ Maiden (rock band) : IRON
  • Words exchanged by the bride and groom on their wedding day : IDO
  • State of paying attention to something : ALERTNESS
  • One plus one equals : TWO
  • Former NFL defensive end and linebacker, currently popular for playing Sergeant Terry Jeffords on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”: 2 wds. : TERRYCREWS
  • River in Germany, a tributary of the Rhine : RUHR
  • Slang for someone thought to be really cool : STUD
  • Approves : OKAYS
  • Residue from a burning cigarette : ASH
  • Oh ___, I cracked it! (excited remark) : YEA
  • Stitching something together : SEW
  • A routine action : HABIT
  • British broadcaster of shows such as “Planet Earth” and “Top Gear” : BBC
  • ___ James Flagstead, an outfielder in the MLB who played for 13 seasons : IRA
  • A bit : TAD
  • Discern visually : SEE
  • A rocky peak : TOR
  • Former NFL quarterback, who has acted in films like “Failure to Launch” and is currently the co-host of “Fox NFL Sunday” : TERRYBRADSHAW
  • A long and distinct period of history : ERA
  • The colour that enrages a bull : RED
  • Arguing in a structured manner : DEBATE
  • The main trunk of a plant : STEM
  • Natural material from which minerals are extracted : ORE
  • Young trainee in either the army or the police force : CADET
  • Device that detects movement using radio waves : RADAR
  • Being in the know : AWARE
  • The outer edge of a bottle or a basketball ring : RIM
  • A bird’s mouth : BEAK
  • As an ___, is anyone hungry? : ASIDE
  • Gangnam Style originated in ___ : KOREA
  • Former NFL defensive back Fred ____, who was nicknamed “The Hammer” and has acted in films like “From Dusk till Dawn”: 2 wds. : WILLIAMSON
  • We need to close the ___ on this : LOOP
  • Cigarette smoking can cause ___ disease : LUNG
  • Estimated to be the largest empire in the world in the early 16th century : INCA
  • Tiny cousin of the salamander : NEWT
  • Character played by Regina Fischer in the popular show “The Office” : PAM
  • Supreme; also the name of a Hollywood film studio : PARAMOUNT
  • ___ of Empires, a popular series of PC games developed by Ensemble Studios : AGE
  • Full size pickup truck by Dodge : RAM
  • Rage or anger : IRE
  • Jelly like substance obtained from algae : AGAR
  • ___ upon a time, long long ago… : ONCE
  • Mountain ___, soft drink brand owned by PepsiCo : DEW
  • A funny image, video or text that is shared rapidly over the internet, with small modifications : MEME
  • Organiser of most of the professional golf tournaments in the US : PGA
  • ___, Pray, Love; a popular book by Elizabeth Gilbert : EAT

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