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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 458 Answers

Normal :

  • Professionals who collect and record information for news agencies to distribute to the public : JOURNALISTS
  • A term for all the living things and their interactions on and with the Earth : ECOSPHERE
  • Popular rice dish from Louisiana cooked with meat and vegetables mixed in : JAMBALAYA
  • In computing, an online community of people with similar interests : USERGROUP
  • Suited for both land and water : AMPHIBIOUS
  • What is this type of fast food? : CHEESEBURGER
  • An negative emotional state of perceived isolation and solitude : LONELINESS
  • What is this data processing tool? : SPREADSHEET
  • Objects with designs focused on human comfort and efficiency are this : ERGONOMIC
  • Aubrey Vincent _________, famous illustrator who collaborated with Oscar Wilde : BEARDSLEY
Crossword :

  • A place where you find cows and sheep, as well as crops : FARM
  • A stylish sort, or a fancy dresser (rhymes with “hop”) : FOP
  • A Hawaiian yellowfin tuna : AHI
  • ___ Tin Tin, a famous German Shepherd who starred in motion pictures : RIN
  • A popular brand of Applesauce and fruit juice : MOTTS
  • The opposite of light : DARK
  • A Compact ___, what CDs are : DISC
  • ___ what you did there: 2 wds : ISEE
  • A female sibling, for short : SIS
  • A herb that is minty in flavour and causes euphoria to felines : CATNIP
  • Soda ___. Also, “___ goes the weasel” : POP
  • A farm implement that is pulled by Oxen or a tractor : PLOW
  • ___ Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, who plays Robb Stark’s wife on “Game of Thrones” : OONA
  • One who writes poems : POET
  • Home to Cleveland, whose capital is Columbus : OHIO
  • A continent which contains India and China : ASIA
  • Another word for a bathroom : LOO
  • A free social media website where people can save “pins” and make collections : PINTEREST
  • To consume food : EAT
  • ___, two, three, go! : ONE
  • ___ care! : TAKE
  • I am fairly ___ this (unfamiliar or inexperienced with something): 2 wds : NEWAT
  • ___-a-Sketch, a popular drawing toy : ETCH
  • The head cook at a restaurant : CHEF
  • A treasure ___, a something you would find using a map : CHEST
  • ___ hoop, a ring that one swivels around their waist : HULA
  • ___ Clapton, a legendary rock and blues guitar player and vocalist : ERIC
  • Just a little ___ (a small amount) : BIT
  • The skin of a tree : BARK
  • Ben-___ a famous film about a Jewish prince who is made a slave : HUR
  • A popular social media platform with a yellow icon, where people post small videos or pictures : SNAPCHAT
  • What you wear on your foot : SHOE
  • The primary protagonist in “The Matrix” : NEO
  • A radiator would emit this : HEAT
  • A part of an opera which is usually the solo of the Diva : ARIA
  • Something you would pay at a turnpike or at a bridge : TOLL
  • NFL star Manning and the inventor Whitney are both ___: plural : ELIS
  • To exchange something with someone in return for money : SELL
  • Opposite of his : HER
  • One who defeats a villain : HERO
  • A popular social media platform started by Mark Zuckerberg : FACEBOOK
  • An island group in the Bahamas : BIMINI
  • To catch a bug or be ill (rhymes with “snail”) : AIL
  • Something that is untrue : LIE
  • By way of, or passing through : VIA
  • Crucial or of utter importance, such as ___ signs : VITAL
  • A brick of gold : INGOT
  • A sacred song or poem that is present in the Bible : PSALM
  • To plan and scheme something : PLOT
  • Planted or scattered, as a seed : SOWN
  • The wife of an uncle : AUNT
  • The ___ of Capri : ISLE
  • The doctor ___: 2 wds : ISIN
  • A long stalk, part of a plant or flower : STEM
  • ___ Reed, of Velvet Underground fame : LOU
  • A popular social media platform where people share pictures and videos to followers, whose icon is represented by a camera : INSTAGRAM
  • A little point to pick, or an insect egg (rhymes with “hit”) : NIT
  • To regret something : RUE
  • Past tense of 16d : ATE
  • The opposite of woman : MAN
  • To each his ___ : OWN
  • A massive African river which is home to crocodiles : NILE
  • Took ___ loan: 2 wds : OUTA
  • Stick of dynamite : TNT
  • One thing on your shopping list : ITEM
  • A high schooler, or someone between the ages of 12-20 : TEEN

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