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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 463 Answers

Normal :

  • Footwear that looks like tennis rackets : SNOWSHOE
  • Love interest of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony : CLEOPATRA
  • To enter private property without permission : TRESPASS
  • To spread the word about a product or brand to increase sales : ADVERTISE
  • What is this carrying method? : PIGGYBACK
  • ______ Houston, US singer with the hit song “I Will Always Love You” : WHITNEY
  • A person or animal you spend a lot of time with : COMPANION
  • If you remember something _______, you remember it in great detail : VIVIDLY
Crossword :

  • Go out on ___ (make a risky move): 2 wds. : ALIMB
  • Fourth months: Abbr. : APRS
  • Plumbing problem : LEAK
  • ___ Bitsy Spider : ITSY
  • When Harry ___ Sally : MET
  • Pressure someone into changing one’s beliefs : BRAINWASH
  • I was the first Tsar of Russia and because of my rage my name is followed by “The Terrible” : IVAN
  • Hospital section: Abbr. : ICU
  • Lyndon B. Johnson biographer Robert ____ : CARO
  • Central processing ___ : UNIT
  • I was the Emperor of Russia for six months during which I proclaimed religious freedom and encouraged education : PETER
  • Delivery vehicle with sliding doors : VAN
  • Bob Marley popularized this religion : RASTAFARI
  • Some methods of radio broadcasting: Abbr. : FMS
  • Coldplay’s “A ___ Full of Stars” : SKY
  • ___ afraid of you!: 2 wds. : IMNOT
  • Some hospital staffers: Abbr. : RNS
  • T.___ (dinosaur species) : REX
  • Drains, as one’s strength : SAPS
  • Threaded metal fastener : SCREW
  • Coagulate, like blood : CLOT
  • Be dependent (on) : RELY
  • When a plane is due: Abbr. : ETA
  • Pulitzer-winning critic Richard ___ : EDER
  • Drop from the eye : TEAR
  • Pretentious, like some gallery visitors : ARTY
  • I created one of the largest empires of the ancient world and my name is followed by “The Great” : ALEXANDER
  • Straight Outta Compton rap group: Abbr. : NWA
  • Professional campaigner, for short : POL
  • Perspiration : SWEAT
  • Hog’s home : STY
  • I am the Duke of Sussex and I am married to an actress : HARRY

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