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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 467 Answers

Normal :

  • To “bite the ______” means to go through with an unpleasant situation : BULLET
  • Charlie _______, silent movie star and comedian with iconic toothbrush mustache : CHAPLIN
  • A playful kiss : SMOOCH
  • A list of people on a team, usually in sports : ROSTER
  • No, this bovine doesn’t actually have delicious spicy wings : BUFFALO
  • You have to buy a new one of these every year (or use a digital one!) : CALENDAR
  • What is this type of “weeping” tree? : WILLOW
  • Tusked wild pig found in Africa : WARTHOG
Crossword :

  • The Titanic, for one : SHIP
  • Pouch-like structure : SAC
  • Question from someone sleepy : HUH
  • Retirement stash: Abbr. : IRA
  • Meet the ___ (De Niro film) : PARENTS
  • Nowhere close : FAR
  • Wrap for leftovers : FOIL
  • ___-inspiring (mind blowing) : AWE
  • Sales agent, for short : REP
  • Like clothes heading to the laundry : DIRTY
  • The “D” of D.J. : DISC
  • Signs, as a deal : INKS
  • Limb, to a plant : STEM
  • The innermost part of the Earth : CORE
  • Radiant glow, synonymous with “Halo” : AURA
  • To what do I ___ the pleasure? : OWE
  • Enthusiastic about something : INTO
  • Legendary Grammy Award-winning jazz saxophonist, who co-invented the music style called bop or bebop: 2 wds. : CHARLIEPARKER
  • King in a Shakespearean tragedy : LEAR
  • It gets thinner as you go up : AIR
  • Shocking fish : EEL
  • General reply to “Who is it?”: 2 wds. : ITSME
  • Wile E. Coyote’s choice of brand : ARENA
  • Where two gladiators may face off : ACME
  • Knight’s neighbor, on a chessboard : ROOK
  • Alternatively : ELSE
  • Nimble-footed though old : SPRY
  • Grrr! from a watchdog : SNARL
  • No need to be ___, miss (Cheeky) : PERT
  • John, one of the greatest saxophone players in history, who was the tenor saxophonist on the historic album “Kind of Blue” : COLTRANE
  • Barely open, like some doors : AJAR
  • Verizon broadband service: Abbr. : DSL
  • Prom partner : DATE
  • Run-down area in need of aid : SLUM
  • Weak, as excuses go : LAME
  • A rolling stone gathers none, proverbially : MOSS
  • It may contain cookies : JAR
  • In ___ land (Unaware of surroundings): Hyph. : LALA
  • Garfield’s favorite pasta dish : LASAGNA
  • Just get by, with “out” : EKE
  • Arthur, a blind 20th century jazz pianist, who was honored with a posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989: 2 wds. : ARTTATUM
  • Chance for a player to play, in a game : TURN
  • Having no criminal record : CLEAN
  • Spiral lock of hair : CURL
  • Consume : USE
  • Trash can’s plea: 2 wds. : USEME
  • Eureka moment : IDEA
  • Celebrities, to fans : IDOLS
  • Yawn-inducing : DULL
  • Neighbor of Texas: Abbr. : OKLA
  • Tour de France ride : BIKE
  • Tan line causing garment : BRA
  • Edward, an American pianist and bandleader, whose last words were “Music is how I live, why I live, and how I will be remembered”: 2 wds. : DUKEELLINGTON
  • Cleaning agent : LYE
  • Assemble, as bricks : LAY
  • Bubble bath site : TUB
  • Poetic praise : ODE
  • Nothin’ but ___ : NET
  • Jazz legend Fitzgerald : ELLA
  • Long-haired Tibetan ox : YAK
  • Bare, as subjects of many artworks : NUDE
  • One of the men on “Two and a Half Men” : ALAN
  • Look over : EYE
  • Assist in a crime : ABET

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