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Word Craze Cross Puzzle All Game Answers

Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 470 Answers

Normal :

  • What is this test? : POLYGRAPH
  • This Nordic country is a popular destination to view the Aurora Borealis : ICELAND
  • Public transport that runs on tracks : TRAINS
  • Italian dish made of stacked long, flat pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, and vegetables : LASAGNA
  • Type of train that transports goods and cargo : FREIGHT
  • Handheld explosives with a pin : GRENADES
  • Professional who helps you to become stronger and fitter : TRAINER
  • A firearm that fires multiple pellets : SHOTGUN
  • In billiards, a shot where the cue ball is first aimed to bounce off a table side : BANKSHOT
  • What is this special holder? : EGGCUP
  • Playing ____’_ advocate means to argue for a side you don’t believe in : DEVILS
  • Leftover material; excess : SURPLUS
  • By far the largest Chinese dialect : MANDARIN
  • What Marvel superhero has this in their origin story? : SPIDERMAN
Crossword :

  • Dynamite letters : TNT
  • What a police van would do to an ill-parked car : TOW
  • At this instant : NOW
  • I’ve got ___ (“I’m depressed”): 2 wds. : THEBLUES
  • L.A. time zone: Abbr. : PST
  • Devious plans, as those of Wile E. Coyote’s : PLOYS
  • Performed, in a way : SANG
  • Mathematical truth, validated by a chain of reasoning : THEOREM
  • Walkway for a model : RAMP
  • Eleanor ___ (Beatles song) : RIGBY
  • Far from land : ASEA
  • German automobile giant who make the SLS-AMG, for short : MERC
  • Have a look-see : PEEK
  • ___ la la (Britney Spears song, created for the film The Smurfs 2) : OOH
  • So on and so forth… replacement : BLAH
  • Variety of butterhead lettuce : BIBB
  • That makes sense: 2 wds. : ISEE
  • Professional wrestling entertainment company: Abbr. : WWE
  • Say Anything…. star Skye : IONE
  • Pretty Woman actor Richard : GERE
  • 1992 hit by American rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot, which was ranked 17 on VH1’s 2008 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop: 3 wds. : BABYGOTBACK
  • Assistant : AIDE
  • Not here forever, for short : TEMP
  • Additionally : ALSO
  • Gives an impromptu speech: Hyph. : ADLIBS
  • Pre-sunrise time : DAWN
  • Scavenger who accompanies Han Solo in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” : REY
  • Say a few good words (about) : LAUD
  • Prefix with “stone” that makes it precious : GEM
  • Fitness fanatic’s daily destination : GYM
  • Using real estate property as collateral to raise funds : MORTGAGE
  • Popular 60’s dress : MOD
  • First word in most fairy tales : ONCE
  • Couple : DYAD
  • Bitter ___, 1997 song by British rock band The Verve, which is also used by the Seattle Seahawks as their entrance music: 2 wds. : SWEETSYMPHONY
  • Hi-___ (state of the art) : TECH
  • What Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot are : SLEUTHS
  • Traffic jam sound : HORN
  • Turn-___ (thrills) : ONS
  • A Nightmare on ___ Street : ELM
  • Willy, from “Free Willy” : ORCA
  • Make up for past sins : ATONE
  • Come out with flying colors : ACE
  • Dalmatian marks : SPOTS
  • All in order, as the words in a dictionary : SORTED
  • Lubricates : OILS
  • Musical quality : TONE
  • 1997 hit song from British rock band Chumbawamba, that is colloquially known as “I Get Knocked Down” : TUBTHUMPING
  • Secondhand : USED
  • Kind of an online journal, maintained by individuals or groups : BLOG
  • Iconic monolithic statues from eastern Polynesia : MOAI
  • Nobel peace prize destination : OSLO
  • Drill, for one : TOOL
  • 2008 French Open winner Ivanovic : ANA
  • Thanksgiving month, for short : NOV
  • Lincoln, fondly : ABE
  • Element seen in Las Vegas : NEON
  • ___ off to you! : HATS
  • Large amount, as of money : GOB
  • Push over the ___ (drive someone crazy) : EDGE
  • Alex Dunphy, to Luke, on “Modern Family”, for short : SIS
  • Night before : EVE

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