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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 472 Answers

Normal :

  • The ultimate winner of a tournament : CHAMPION
  • A substance for reducing friction between moving parts : LUBRICANT
  • Military treatise penned by Sun Tzu with applications to many parts of life : ARTOFWAR
  • What is this egg-based pastry? : LADYFINGER
  • Man-made objects that orbit around the Earth : SATELLITE
  • Can this “Friends” character BE more sarcastic? : CHANDLER
  • A fruit that is a close relative of the mandarin orange : TANGERINE
  • What is this style of textile making? : CROCHETING
  • Winter Olympic event in which the competitors combine cross-country skiing and rifle shooting : BIATHLON
  • This injury can happen when you don’t lift with your legs : BACKPAIN
Crossword :

  • American invention that reveals your location on a map, used in “SatNav”: Abbr. : GPS
  • What makes up the green cover of a field : GRASS
  • Check recipient : PAYEE
  • A bargain of a buy : STEAL
  • Extinct flightless bird : DODO
  • American invention that looks like a mannequin and is central to crash tests : DUMMY
  • Linux operating system that means “humanity” in certain African languages : UBUNTU
  • Actress Ryan of “When Harry Met Sally” : MEG
  • Home of the N.C.A.A. Spartans: Abbr. : MSU
  • Not a “nope” : YEP
  • Lab maze runner : RAT
  • Not exactly slim : OBESE
  • Sailor’s assent : AYE
  • Unearthed, as a buried treasure: 2 wds. : DUGUP
  • A set of episodes of a TV show : SEASON
  • Qualities that affect taste : SAPORS
  • Actress Ward, who portrayed the U.S. President in “Independence Day: Resurgence” : SELA
  • Voila!: Hyph. : TADA
  • Patriots’ Day month : APRIL
  • Court tie : DEUCE
  • Carrying weapons (often paired with “dangerous”) : ARMED
  • Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the ___” : PAUPER
  • Insects that might raid a pantry : ANTS
  • Permanent pal, in texting shorthand : BFF
  • Hereditary title for a British land owner : BARON
  • Everything : ALL
  • Grand carnival site in Brazil : RIO
  • Bacardi or Captain Morgan liquor : RUM
  • Use a pick-up line, say : FLIRT
  • To break it means to start a conversation : ICE
  • American invention that is essentially a string and always a dentist’s suggestion : FLOSS
  • American invention that is now present in most computer screens: Abbr. : LED

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