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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 475 Answers

Normal :

  • In accounting, assets are equal to liabilities plus this : EQUITY
  • What is this type of jewelry? : LOCKET
  • A _____ cleaner is a tool used to clean a room : VACUUM
  • Offer to buy something at an unrealistically low price : LOWBALL
  • German highway system with no legal speed limit : AUTOBAHN
  • Place for convicted criminals to serve time : PRISON
  • Largest e-commerce company in China; named after a tale from “1001 Nights” : ALIBABA
  • To harass someone performing on stage, usually by insulting them : HECKLE
Crossword :

  • Norway’s capital : OSLO
  • Killer whale featured in the film “Free Willy” : ORCA
  • Marine mammal with flippers that may balance a ball on its nose : SEAL
  • Word on soda labels which means “low-cal” : LITE
  • ___ and offs : ONS
  • Gone Girl actress ___ Ward : SELA
  • Sault ___. Marie, Michigan’s fall foliage destination : STE
  • Towering height, like a skyscraper : TALL
  • Website for artsy stuff : ETSY
  • Straps which help riders control their horses : REINS
  • Peeled the outer layer from a vegetable, say : SKINNED
  • Julia Roberts starrer “___ Pray Love” : EAT
  • New York’s popular fall foliage destination which was also the setting for “Dirty Dancing” : CATSKILLS
  • Cousin ___ (fictional character from “The Addams Family”) : ITT
  • India Pale ___ : ALE
  • Rome’s country where grapes are harvested in fall : ITALY
  • Sister channel of TBS : TNT
  • X in Roman numerals : TEN
  • Famous ___ (American cookie brand) : AMOS
  • Colorado’s fall foliage destination named after a tree that turns a brilliant yellow in fall : ASPEN
  • Brothers and sisters, for short : SIBS
  • Nabokov novel with a protagonist named Timofey : PNIN
  • Venomous Egyptian snake : ASP
  • Top-notch: Hyph. : AONE
  • Come to a halt : STOP
  • ___ and parcel (an integral part of) : PART
  • State where the twin fall foliage destination of Minneapolis-Saint Paul is located : MINNESOTA
  • You reap what you ___. : SOW
  • __-Wan Kenobi : OBI
  • One who gives away money or an organ : DONOR
  • ID for a U.S. citizen: Abbr. : SSN
  • Shed tears : WEPT

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