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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 478 Answers

Normal :

  • South East Asian country famous for its jungle temples; its flag even features one prominently : CAMBODIA
  • The crime of betraying one’s country : TREASON
  • What is this cute dog breed? : POMERANIAN
  • A person with magical power; wizard : SORCERER
  • Broadway, Central Park, and the Empire State Building can all be visited in this US borough : MANHATTAN
  • ________ exclusive means one event doesn’t influence another : MUTUALLY
  • Not straight; one’s posture, a cane, or teeth can be described this way : CROOKED
  • Type of machine that sells small snacks or drinks : VENDING
  • The current holder of an office or position; usually has an advantage in an election : INCUMBENT
  • An actor that is in consistently similar roles is this : TYPECAST
  • What is this storage building? : WAREHOUSE
  • What party game are they playing? : PICTIONARY
Crossword :

  • Desert refuge : OASIS
  • Too exaggerated, in text speak: Abbr. : OTT
  • ___ you ready for this? : ARE
  • The Way, Way Back Actor Rockwell : SAM
  • Tame ___, famed psychedelic rock band : IMPALA
  • Dalmatian feature : SPOT
  • Dominik ___, N.H.L Hall of Famer : HASEK
  • Oft-replaced joint : HIP
  • The first Mrs. Trump : IVANA
  • Cline of country music : PATSY
  • Lady and the ___, a romantic animated film about two dogs : TRAMP
  • ___ Gardner, actress from “Mogambo” : AVA
  • Musical pace : TEMPO
  • Used a chair : SAT
  • Where Socrates lived : ATHENS
  • Evening brew: 2 wds. : HOTTEA
  • The ___ near!: 2 wds. : ENDIS
  • ___ Knievel : EVEL
  • Sinatra’s nickname, “The ___” : VOICE
  • ___ Lauder : ESTEE
  • Fine. : OKAY
  • Certain diet restriction: 2 wds. : NOSALT
  • Where experiments are conducted : LABS
  • Morse “E,” in England : DIT
  • Book of maps : ATLAS
  • One round : LAP
  • Cleopatra killer, allegedly : ASP
  • Pig’s digs : STY
  • Frozen water : ICE
  • Beauty and the ___, an animated musical romantic film based on a French fairy tale : BEAST
  • Take in : SEE
  • Like many romantic films : SAPPY

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