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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 495 Answers

Normal :

  • Your credit ______ indicates to companies how much risk is involved in lending to you : RATING
  • Men’s shorts worn for swimming : TRUNKS
  • Insects have two of these on their head to help sense their environment : ANTENNA
  • What are these furry floor covering? : CARPETS
  • _____ angles have less than 90 degrees : ACUTE
  • Style of penmanship where letters are connected; also called “Script” : CURSIVE
  • Some engines use this instead of gasoline : DIESEL
  • Cat in the Hat is a popular children’s book written by Dr. _____ : SEUSS
Crossword :

  • A fish may find itself caught in one : NET
  • With 35d, it’s the name of the reigning US Open Champion in women’s singles who defeated Serena Williams in September 2018 : NAOMI
  • Approximate landing hour: Abbr. : ETA
  • Get involved: 2 wds. : TAKEPART
  • The bat ___ upside down when they are sleeping. : HANGS
  • Sitcom with 30 Emmy nominations, “___ Met Your Mother”: 2 wds. : HOWI
  • Another word for verbal or spoken : ORAL
  • Wet ___ (disposable cleaning tissue) : WIPE
  • The ___ of March (bad day for Julius Caesar) : IDES
  • Ancient, or aged : OLD
  • Switch that is not “on” : OFF
  • Payment made to a lawyer, say : FEE
  • Film genre that covers magic, supernatural or mythological events : FANTASY
  • ___ loss for words (speechless): 2 wds. : ATA
  • Like parched earth : ARID
  • Actress ___ Michele of “Glee” : LEA
  • Tree that produces acorns : OAK
  • Back of the neck : NAPE
  • Material of your favorite pair of jeans : DENIM
  • Word for a fake item, for short : IMIT
  • Philadelphia ___, the reigning Super Bowl Champions who won the Super Bowl LII in 2018 : EAGLES
  • Fit to ___: 2 wds. : ATEE
  • More than I needed to know! in text speak: Abbr. : TMI
  • Scoreboard data during Super Bowl, say: Abbr. : PTS
  • Initials for something that is yet to be finalized: Abbr. : TBD
  • Cuisine you may enjoy while vacationing in Bangkok : THAI
  • ___ polloi (the common people) : HOI
  • Like a gift that’s still boxed up : UNOPENED
  • Middle East initials: Abbr. : UAE
  • An unreturned serve, in tennis : ACE
  • Receptacle for a smoker : ASHTRAY
  • Word after “dot” in an internet address : COM
  • George Strait’s “All My __ Live in Texas” : EXS
  • Team that won the 2018 World Series making it their ninth win and the fourth one in the 21st century: 3 wds. : BOSTONREDSOX
  • Suffix with “psych” or “neur” : OTIC
  • ___ one’s hair (arrange it in a particular fashion): 2 wds. : DOUP
  • Initials in many craft kits which is easy to assemble: Abbr. : DIY
  • Tiny kid : TOT
  • Units of electrical resistance : OHMS
  • Take a small gulp through the straw : SIP
  • Nibble between meals : SNACK
  • With 1d, it’s the name of the reigning US Open Champion in women’s singles : OSAKA
  • You’re ___! (Baseball umpire’s cry) : OUT
  • Soared : FLEW
  • Country that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup making it their second World Cup title : FRANCE
  • Steak order : RARE
  • Athletic shoe brand founded by Jerry Stubblefield : AVIA
  • To spritz some perfume, say : SPRAY
  • ___ Baba and the Forty Thieves : ALI
  • Currency in Japan : YEN
  • Fiery river : LAVA
  • League that named James Harden the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2018: Abbr. : NBA
  • Big ___ (London landmark) : BEN
  • Amber ___ : ALE
  • Actor ___ Bana who played Hulk in “Hulk” : ERIC
  • Cartoonish squeal : EEK
  • ___ and yang : YIN
  • Diluted : WEAK
  • Genetic code material: Abbr. : DNA

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