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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 497 Answers

Normal :

  • Traditional Mexican dip made mostly of avocado : GUACAMOLE
  • Old-fashioned equivalent to “cool” and “excellent”; jazz slang term that saw wide use in the 60s : GROOVY
  • How are these buns cooked? : STEAMED
  • Herb used for garnishing foods, “_____, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” : PARSLEY
  • Precious “gems” created by shelled mollusks : PEARLS
  • A short, usually personal, story about the topic at hand : ANECDOTE
  • Casino professionals who handle all the cards : DEALERS
  • Victoria Beckham’s nickname from her time as part of a famous pop quintet : POSHSPICE
Crossword :

  • Cut away a part of, as a photograph : CROP
  • ___ : Miami (longtime police procedural) : CSI
  • Weasley, friend of Harry Potter : RON
  • Cheerios grain : OAT
  • The King, Elvis : PRESLEY
  • ___ of time (idiom relating to the hourglass) : SANDS
  • Secret agent : SPY
  • Deliver a religious speech, as a priest : PREACH
  • It’s not over ___! : YET
  • Head cook at a big restaurant : CHEF
  • The newest fad, rhymes with maze. : CRAZE
  • He lost to the tortoise in a race : HARE
  • Flight board numbers, briefly : ETAS
  • Experienced, as some emotions : FELT
  • Fly high, as an eagle : SOAR
  • How ___ you doing today? : ARE
  • ___ of interest (banking number) : RATE
  • Notable invention from the 20th century, that is a “network of networks”, connecting devices worldwide : INTERNET
  • Eggs that make up caviar (Rhymes with bow) : ROE
  • ___ Sea (Asian lake dotted with over a 1000 islands) : ARAL
  • Fizzy drink as a cola : SODA
  • An enthusiastic person has ___ for life (a word that rhymes with best) : ZEST
  • Michelin or Goodyear product : TIRE
  • Notable invention from the 17th century, that is an assembly of lenses and allows us to look into space : TELESCOPE
  • Westworld actress ___ Rachel Wood : EVAN
  • Result of three strikes in baseball : OUT
  • To ___ open something with a crowbar (rhymes with dry) : PRY
  • Screen technology that is being replaced by LEDs: Abbr. : LCD
  • Real-time broadcast of an ongoing event, as a baseball game : LIVE
  • Ben-___ (Wallace play) : HUR
  • Swimming locale : POOL
  • Golf ___ (expert) : PRO
  • Eldest son of Ned Stark, in “Game of Thrones” : ROBB
  • Back to square ___ : ONE
  • Drawing or coloring item : CRAYON
  • ___-Wan of “Star Wars” : OBI
  • Egg___(Creamy beverage which is popular around Christmas time) : NOG
  • Business ___ (mogul) : TYCOON
  • Inhuman behavior, as of many kings : CRUELTY
  • The Lion’s ___ ( a place where Lions live) : DEN
  • ___ taurus (Cattle scientific name) : BOS
  • Psychiatrist, slangily : SHRINK
  • It may be put on after a bath : ROBE
  • Notable invention from the 19th century, that brought steady light to households, and stands as a symbol of an idea: 2 wds. : LIGHTBULB
  • ___ node (think Biology!) : LYMPH
  • Mid-section of a human body : TORSO
  • Extension for bitmap files : BMP
  • Follow, as orders : OBEY
  • ___ in a blue moon : ONCE
  • Lightning ___ : BOLT
  • Musician Clapton : ERIC
  • Capital of Italy : ROME
  • Standard to be followed : NORM
  • Notable invention from the 20th century, that allowed man the ability to fly and serves countless purposes : AIRPLANE
  • Something to breathe in : AIR
  • A sailor’s “Yes!” : AYE
  • Group that advocates for gun rights: Abbr. : NRA
  • Where you put your phone after receiving a call : EAR
  • A video segment, or something you would do with scissors : CLIP
  • ___ and outs : INS
  • ___ Banks, an actress and model who is set to host America’s Got Talent : TYRA
  • Carve initials on a tree : ETCH
  • Old studio that was a rival of MGM : RKO
  • 365 days make this : YEAR

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