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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 516 Answers

Normal :

  • The dominant trend, considered to be normal and conventional : MAINSTREAM
  • Excess food after an event : LEFTOVERS
  • What is missing in the second image? : LICENSEPLATE
  • A gym _________ allows you use of the gym’s facilities : MEMBERSHIP
  • Shakespeare may have coined this phrase: “_________ makes strange bedfellows” : ADVERSITY
  • What is this team-building exercise? : TRUSTFALL
  • White ceramic that originated in China : PORCELAIN
  • The state of having great growth and success : PROSPERITY
  • Picnic food with one or more ingredients between slices of bread : SANDWICH
  • Typical position that people take while praying : KNEELING
Crossword :

  • Skin condition : ECZEMA
  • Slipping frequencies : ERRORRATES
  • Early human : CROMAGNON
  • Rapper with the albums “Harlem World” and “Welcome Back” : MASE
  • Palindromic guy : ASA
  • Separated, as a horse from its carriage : UNHITCHED
  • Warning from a boxer : GRR
  • Ski carriers : GONDOLAS
  • ____ Martin (Bond’s car) : ASTON
  • Some sports car features : TTOPS
  • Draft Dodger Rag singer : OCHS
  • 1992 Olympics prizes : OROS
  • That’s my boy : SON
  • Jazz great, to fans : SATCH
  • Cut it out! : NOMORE
  • Climbed : ROSE
  • ___ wouldn’t say that! : OHI
  • Clog-busting brand : DRANO
  • Only two U.S. states, Wash. and Cal., are entirely within this zone : PST
  • NOW center: Abbr. : ORG
  • Places to hear aahs : SPAS
  • Toyota hybrid : PRIUS
  • Ma-___ store : ANDPA
  • Pharos chamber : LANTERN
  • Large piece of cake? : TIER
  • Yours: Fr. : ATOI
  • ____ you! (“Go right ahead!”) : IDARE
  • Spring mo. : APR
  • The Bridge of San Luis ____ : REY
  • Western Samoan coin : SENE
  • Raised, as the ante : UPPED
  • Set of religious beads : ROSARY

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