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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 528 Answers

Normal :

  • The “Flying ________” is a mythical ghost ship that portends doom : DUTCHMAN
  • To recall a memory or fact : REMEMBER
  • What toys are they playing with? : HULAHOOPS
  • This stance, adopted by left-handed boxers, mirrors the orthodox stance : SOUTHPAW
  • Writing implement crafted from a bird feather : QUILLPEN
  • Disney’s canine love story, “Lady and ___ ______” : THETRAMP
  • What is this clothes-cleaning device? : LINTROLLER
  • A person’s accumulated facts, information, and skills : KNOWLEDGE
  • Helping a protégé : MENTORING
  • The letters “P.S.” that is usually found at the end of a letter stand for this : POSTSCRIPT
  • Floyd __________ is a retired undefeated welterweight boxing champion : MAYWEATHER
Crossword :

  • Lay your chips on the table? : ANTEUP
  • Marketeer in the 2016 film “War Dogs” : ARMSDEALER
  • Gabs and gabs : NATTERSON
  • Company whose founder recently left its board : UBER
  • ___ mater (brain enveloper) : PIA
  • Break one’s word? : HYPHENATE
  • Title for a madre: Abbr. : SRA
  • Represent : SPEAKFOR
  • Bagel alternative : BIALY
  • Chem. class data : ATNOS
  • River north of Beijing : LUAN
  • Remitted amts. : PMTS
  • ____ mai (dim sum dish) : SHU
  • Consume completely : EATUP
  • Handel oratorio about a biblical woman : ESTHER
  • Org chart topper : EXEC
  • Nosiree! : NAH
  • For two, in Toulouse : ADEUX
  • … of a 1968 Jefferson stamp : ONE
  • Plop preceder : KER
  • Revival figs. : EMTS
  • Zsa Zsa’s older sister : MAGDA
  • Exasperates : TRIES
  • Maserati, e.g. : FASTCAR
  • Ski lift’s cousin : TRAM
  • Fragrance: Sp. : OLOR
  • California baseballer : GIANT
  • ‘Gimme __!” (start of a Marquette cheer) : ANM
  • Grp. concerned with hacking : NSA
  • Hebrew name meaning “joy” : RENA
  • Complex : DENSE
  • Marsh emanation : MIASMA

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