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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 531 Answers

Normal :

  • Thick cloth used for drying oneself, especially after bathing : TOWEL
  • Casual trousers made of denim, invented in 1871 : JEANS
  • What is this sound-reducing action? : DAMPEN
  • Birds often migrate _____ for the winter : SOUTH
  • To believe something will happen; anticipate : EXPECT
  • You should ____ up your phone when it rings : PICK
  • The World Cup is hosted every 4 ______ : YEARS
  • Protective garment worn over the front of one’s body while cooking : APRON
  • In some cultures, it’s considered bad luck if this color cat crosses your path : BLACK
Crossword :

  • Actor who played Howard in “Melvin and Howard” : ROBARDS
  • Barbaric 5th-century invader : ATTILA
  • Payment for cash? : ATMFEE
  • ___ Road (1999 Maeve Binchy best seller) : TARA
  • What it takes, in an inclusive idiom : ALLSORTS
  • Quadri- doubled : OCTA
  • Kind of worship : CULT
  • Legal injustice, informally : BUMRAP
  • Ottoman Empire VIPs : PASHAS
  • Lancia competitor, for short : ALFA
  • Auto safety feature to prevent skidding, for short : ABS
  • Contemporary sweethearts : BAES
  • I-5, e.g. : RTE
  • Aoki on the links : ISAO
  • Was ____ hard on them? : ITOO
  • Bible-toting aunt on “Sanford and Son” : ESTHER
  • Union, i.e. : STA
  • Wedding offering to the bride and groom : TOAST
  • Father of Erebus and Nyx, in Greek myth : CHAOS

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