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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 536 Answers

Normal :

  • Economic term for the proportion of jobless people : UNEMPLOYMENT
  • HQ stands for this : HEADQUARTERS
  • American fashion brand with a polo player as its logo : RALPHLAUREN
  • What is this girl playing with? : DOLLHOUSE
  • In physics, the rate of change of velocity over time : ACCELERATION
  • John D. _______ was an American businessman and one of the richest people in history : ROCKEFELLER
  • On-demand, ad-free streaming service created by the Mickey Mouse company : DISNEYPLUS
  • Sony gaming console : PLAYSTATION
  • What medical professional is this? : CARDIOLOGIST
  • Toyline with the tagline “Robots in Disguise” : TRANSFORMERS
  • To intentionally damage or destroy someone else’s property : VANDALIZE
  • Before entering a deal, it is reasonable to do one’s due ________ : DILIGENCE
Crossword :

  • Basic drawing class : ARTI
  • Sounds of satisfaction : AHS
  • In once more : RETRO
  • Game for little hitters : TEEBALL
  • The Devil’s Dictionary author Bierce : AMBROSE
  • Korean resignee of 1960 : RHEE
  • New version of an old movie : REMAKE
  • Methyl acetate, e.g. : ESTER
  • Beatle, ___ Starr : RINGO
  • Stat for Griffey : RBI
  • Intermittently : OANDO
  • Bank acct. entry : DEP
  • Sweater sizes: Abbr. : LGES
  • Marry in a hurry : ELOPE

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