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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 538 Answers

Normal :

  • A building or complex like an apartment but with individually owned homes : CONDOMINIUM
  • What is this type of contest? : SWEEPSTAKES
  • Famed actor who starred in “Sixth Sense” and “Pulp Fiction” : BRUCEWILLIS
  • Capital of the United States, __________ D.C. : WASHINGTON
  • A book used to find the definition of words : DICTIONARY
  • People who do not believe in deities : ATHEISTS
  • To make a company smaller by reducing the number of people : DOWNSIZE
  • What is this essential managerial quality? : LEADERSHIP
  • Type of phone that uses a wire to transmit signals as opposed to mobile phones : LANDLINE
  • Professional practice dealing with skincare and treatments : COSMETOLOGY
  • The _______ is a famous Christmas tale about a toy soldier come to life : NUTCRACKER
  • Hairstyle achieved by twisting one’s hair, popular among Rastafarians : DREADLOCKS
  • European country that produces a large portion of luxury watches with brands like Swatch and Rolex : SWITZERLAND
  • Coffee shop in “Friends” that was named after a famous green area in Manhattan : CENTRALPERK
  • Person who helps someone else to commit a crime : ACCOMPLICE
  • What is this construction material? : BASEBOARD
  • Scientific study of the human mind, its function and behavior : PSYCHOLOGY
  • White soft synthetic material used as food containers, coffee cups, and for packaging : STYROFOAM
  • This African snake has one of the deadliest venoms in the world : BLACKMAMBA
  • The oil company BP stands for British _________ : PETROLEUM
Crossword :

  • Paris jilted her for Helen : OENONE
  • Air France stop : ORLY
  • Discharge, in a way : EGEST
  • ____ is the winter of our discontent : NOW
  • Of affluent commuter towns : EXURBAN
  • Hence … : ERGO
  • Poly end : ESTER
  • A lot : SLEWS
  • Melting snow : SLUSH
  • TV’s Burrell and Pennington : TYS
  • Knots Landing actress ___ Park Lincoln : LAR
  • Peas or paintballs : AMMO
  • Hitcher’s digit : THUMB
  • Drill sound : HUP
  • Sch. with many cadets : USMA
  • Liquid transfer tool : SIPHON

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