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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 546 Answers

Normal :

  • Apparition that may rattle chains at night : GHOST
  • Written message delivered over the internet that may contain images or files : EMAIL
  • Baby toy that they shake to make sounds : RATTLE
  • What is the name of this sea cow? : MANATEE
  • Tech giant founded by the two Steves – Jobs and Wozniak : APPLE
  • The number of degrees in a right angle : NINETY
  • What is this cleaning item : DUSTER
  • Slice of lightly burnt bread : TOAST
  • Currency used in Britain : POUND
  • To get input from your ears : LISTEN
  • What is this leavening agent? : YEAST
  • Mick ______ is the lead singer and one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones : JAGGER
  • The largest borough in New York City, adjacent to Brooklyn : QUEENS
  • Stone Cold Steve _____ was a WWE wrestler who introduced the “What” chant : AUSTIN
Crossword :

  • Word of emphasis : ITSELF
  • First #1 hit by the Beach Boys : IGETAROUND
  • Choked : THROTTLED
  • Fasting period : LENT
  • Govt. airwaves board : FCC
  • Genie’s reply : YESMASTER
  • President after Wilson: inits. : WGH
  • Joker : WISEACRE
  • France’s ____ Polytechnique : ECOLE
  • Sahara stops : OASES
  • Tout : LAUD
  • Prem’ suffix (Movie’s first showing) : IERE
  • Ma that baas : EWE
  • Big tournaments for university teams, informally : NCAAS
  • Zip your lip! : STOWIT
  • Where Teheran is the capital : IRAN
  • Put 2 and 2 together : SUM
  • Man-____ : EATER
  • Child care writer LeShan : EDA
  • A house that tries to be haunted, per Emily Dickinson : ART
  • Draft picks in pubs : ALES
  • Brand with two harnessed horses in its logo : LEVIS
  • Audrey’s “My Fair Lady” role : ELIZA
  • Mustard, e.g. : COLONEL
  • U.S. city just south of Timpanogos Cave National Monument : OREM
  • Sorry sort : RUER
  • Lombardi of the gridiron : VINCE
  • First-name follower, on some records: Abbr. : NMI
  • Pres., to the military : CIC
  • Frankish finish : ENDE
  • Turkey’s third-largest city : IZMIR
  • Tiled art : MOSAIC

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