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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 552 Answers

Normal :

  • _________ Douglass became a national leader of the abolitionist movement after escaping slavery : FREDERICK
  • Clerical work of inputting information into the computer via typing or recording : DATAENTRY
  • A type of bird as well as a throat-related motion : SWALLOW
  • To hit the nail __ ___ ____ is to be exactly right : ONTHEHEAD
  • Describes these pairs of words: bat (the animal), bat (baseball); mail/male; made/maid : HOMONYMS
  • This country is home to Africa’s highest mountain and the Serengeti : TANZANIA
  • Wild rush by a herd of frightened animals : STAMPEDE
  • Simon de ________ is French writer who wrote the classic feminist literature, “The Second Sex” : BEAUVOIR
  • ______ on Top is similar in meaning to “Icing on the Cake” : CHERRY
  • What is being indicated by this sign? : SPEEDBUMP
  • Summary of what will be covered in a course : SYLLABUS
  • Light technology which brought Tupac to life at Coachella in 2012 : HOLOGRAMS
Crossword :

  • Match game? : TICTACTOE
  • Porgy and Bess : TITLEROLES
  • Osteoarthritis treatment : IBUPROFEN
  • Water, to Juanita : AGUA
  • AMEX listings : COS
  • Fly also known as a glossina : TSETSE
  • Pre___egg cell : OOTID
  • Tiger or boa constrictor : EXOTICPET
  • Fam. member : SIB
  • Place to buy a chair? : SEATSHOP
  • Shout at Fenway Park : GOSOX
  • Vingt-___ (blackjack) : ETUN
  • Pilots’ org. : NAA
  • Was of ___: helped : USETO
  • Fleece source : ALPACA
  • Nickname that anagrams to “tech” : CHET
  • Little songbird : TIT
  • Abram’s father : TERAH
  • Initials of Reagan’s “Star Wars” program : SDI
  • Sign of a good show : SRO
  • Cutting ___ : EDGE
  • Compelled : DROVE
  • Rapper in court : GAVEL
  • Long Island university : HOFSTRA
  • Assn. and org., e.g. : SYNS
  • Composer Speaks : OLEY
  • Shaped like Humpty Dumpty : OVATE
  • ___ My Sons: Arthur Miller play : ALL
  • Running back’s stat : TDS
  • Ivy founded by Ben Franklin : PENN
  • South African expanse : VELDT
  • Time periods : SPELLS

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