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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 554 Answers

Normal :

  • Austrian company known for making animals out of crystal; its logo is a swan : SWAROVSKI
  • Oscar-nominated Mark ________ started as a Calvin Klein model before he became a movie star : WAHLBERG
  • What kind of oath or promise is this? : PLEDGE
  • This thin fragment of wood can be removed from your hand with a tweezer : SPLINTER
  • Rainfall while it’s still shining out : SUNSHOWER
  • Professionals who buy and sell stocks on the market : TRADERS
  • Series of tournaments for professional golfers in North America : PGATOUR
  • What effect is causing the cat to look this way? : FISHEYE
  • Your urine will have an unpleasant scent after eating this vegetable : ASPARAGUS
  • Nickname of Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of Britain : IRONLADY
  • What is this hair removal process? : WAXING
  • Circus performer who keeps many balls in the air : JUGGLER
  • The fictional city that is home to Batman : GOTHAM
  • To prevent someone from focusing : DISTRACT
Crossword :

  • Its first pres. was Gen. Burnside : NRA
  • Government reorganization : NEWORDER
  • Having second thoughts about : RUING
  • Cant : ARGOT
  • Unkind look : SNEER
  • Cager : NBAER
  • A Perón : EVA
  • Belg. locale : EUR
  • Locks on a dome : WIG
  • ‘__ Fugitive From a Chain Gang” : IAMA
  • Picture cards : IDS
  • Wild-riding squire of “The Wind in the Willows” : MRTOAD
  • Not in stock, but coming : ONORDER
  • Regular’s bar order, with “the” : USUAL
  • Mil. unit : RGT
  • Niñas: Abbr. : SRTAS
  • As You Like It setting : ARDEN
  • It may be thrown in the mix : CHEX
  • Educational inits. in Tulsa, Okla. : ORU
  • Taqueria treat : ENCHILADA
  • Votes against : NOS
  • Nero’s 151 : CLI
  • ____ little teapot … : IMA
  • Herbert of Pink Panther films : LOM
  • One worth emulating : ROLEMODEL
  • Early morning hour : SIXAM

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