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Word Craze Cross Puzzle level 72 Answers

Normal : Version 1 :

  • Synonymous with beginner or amateur : NOVICE
  • In English, a form of a noun that shows there are more than one : PLURAL
  • What is this distance called? : RADIUS
  • 2013 Disney movie about Anna’s journey to connect with her sister Elsa : FROZEN
  • A ______ parent is a person who cares for a child who is not legally their child : FOSTER
  • What is being measured here? : DEPTH
  • Ocean east of Africa : INDIAN
  • ______ pigs are actually rodents and not pigs; often used in experiments : GUINEA

Version 2

  • Idiomatically, this is the best medicine, but I’d get a second opinion! : LAUGHTER
  • To improve or repair a painting with slight alterations : RETOUCH
  • These iconic trees can be found in tropical climates : PALMTREE
  • Another word for drink; a liquid refreshment : BEVERAGE
  • The R in R&D : RESEARCH
  • Organs that filter blood : KIDNEYS
  • This actor is rumored to play this British superspy : JAMESBOND
  • A popular myth is that eating carrots can improve this : EYESIGHT
  • If you put things on the front lawn with price tags attached, you might be holding a ____ ____ : YARDSALE
  • Famous city in Nevada filled with casinos and other attractions : LASVEGAS
Crossword :

  • Glow around people, that some psychics claim they can see : AURA
  • Love loads : ADORE
  • From, or relating to the city : URBAN
  • Demonstration by a group of people, usually on a political issue : RALLY
  • In this day and ___… : AGE
  • Pull along the ground : DRAG
  • High-born, or possessing high qualities : NOBLE
  • Signal “yes” with the head : NOD
  • Uttered by mouth : ORAL
  • Refuse to admit : DENY

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