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Word Craze level 1464 Answers

  • A very large retail establishment that is part of a chain : BIGBOXSTORE
  • To activate an old-fashioned slot machine, one would need to ____ ___ _____ : PULLTHELEVER
  • Protective caps for the optical devices of a camera : LENSCOVERS
  • US-issued credit option introduced by Sears in 1985 : DISCOVERCARD
  • A hooped cover used for holding documents : RINGBINDER
  • A stroll taken by an astronaut : SPACEWALK
  • To cause a commotion or excitement; to make waves : CREATEASTIR
  • Type of position where a novice often starts in an industry : ENTRYLEVEL
  • Ability to produce offspring : FERTILITY
  • The favored number of US Pomona College : FORTYSEVEN
  • Mad Max 2 was released as “The ____ ______” in the US : ROADWARRIOR
  • A series of successive changes : GRADATION
  • Common custom for Thanksgiving : GIVETHANKS
  • An area that is desolate, uninhabitable, or useless : WASTELAND
  • Changes in the opposite direction : REVERSALS
  • A supposed type of nuclear reaction that can occur at room temperature : COLDFUSION
  • ____ ___ ____ are the two sides in the age-old battle part of the human condition : GOODANDEVIL
  • Settling an issue : RESOLVING
  • Smooches someone without permission : STEALSAKISS

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